Give APP-lause to the Honeywell Total Connect Pet Contest Winners

Angela Remmert by Angela Remmert | 05.26.2015
Honeywell Total Connect Pet Video Contest

Who were the winners in our Honeywell Total Connect Pet Video Contest?

After a month long competition in our Honeywell Total Connect Pet Video Contest, we are happy to announce that we have two winners who will receive the prize of an iPad Mini. All of the video submissions were fantastic and fun to watch. Below are the videos that won in the naughty and funny categories.

And the Winners Are…

In the Naughty category, Jake the curious ferret won the prize. If you haven’t seen the video, you can view it here.  The Funny category winner was Ruby, the energetic cheerleader. Check out her video here.

The contest was a great way for dealers to talk about all of the features and benefits of Honeywell Total Connect 2.0. Continue to visit the Honeywell Total Connect Toolkit to learn about the latest hot topics and discover exciting new technologies. Take advantage of all the materials that will help boost your sales, marketing and training efforts.

Top New Features of Honeywell Total Connect  2.0

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 05.18.2015

Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 has just released a number of new features that help provide a dynamic user experience and help dealers stay competitive. Here’s just some of what you’ll find to make your job easier.

Total Connect 2.0

We’ve expanded our test drive demo to include iPad and Android devices.

Smart Scene Set-up
We’ve now included an intuitive wizard guide that guides the user through each step for setting up a scene. The new wizard makes scene creation much easier and provides a better user experience. I can tell you first hand, setting up scenes is very intuitive. It is much easier now to set up a scene through Honeywell Total Connect– and quick! I like the wizard so much, I’ve already asked my dealer for more z-wave devices (think upsell and RMR!)

Test Drive Demo and Tool Tips
We received a very positive response from dealers when we announced the test drive demo last year, which provides a simulated “live” experience right on a user’s iPhone– without the need for Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. Now, we’ve expanded it to include iPad and Android devices. It also contains tool tips —informative pop-ups that accompany and explain each and every feature.  This is a fantastic way to showcase all the great features of Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Remote Services. You can have your customers and prospects download the app to become more engaged about the platform offerings. You can also close down the tool tips if you want to provide the tutorial. It’s that simple.

Account Login with Touch ID
iOS Users can now enjoy the same benefits that Apple Touch ID offers when you log into the Honeywell Total Connect app. Touch ID is an easy, highly secure feature that uses customers’ fingerprints to act as their passcodes.

Some other new features include a color refresh which provides a subtle, yet lighter change that is more visually pleasing to the eye. Smart auto-syncing on Lynx Touch 7000/5200/5100 models where any panel changes are no longer prompted to do a manual sync– updates will automatically occur within seconds.

All these new features are part of our plan to help provide a better user experience for you and your customers. Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Remote services is also offered in four languages: English, Latin American Spanish, French Canadian and Brazilian Portuguese. In the United States, we offer GPS Tracking Services for both vehicles and assets and video solution options globally. There are so many different service options to choose from to help increase your RMR. Drive more connections in 2015 with the industry’s only true, end-to-end security and remote services platform provider.

The Elevator’s Role in the Connected Business

Katie Hunt by Katie Hunt | 05.11.2015

The notion of the “connected business” is gaining traction as companies seek ways to use technology intermixed with physical space as a tool to achieve strategic business objectives. There are three core principles that define a connected business: energy savings, operational efficiencies, and high-tech security functionality.

Connected Business Honeywell

The fully integrated security, video and access control systems let building managers quickly issue or rescind credentials to enter the building.

The most obvious and talked-about places to accomplish this involve subsystems such as HVAC and lighting. However, building designers are now looking at every part of a commercial space — from architecture to building subsystems — to contribute to strengthening the connected business. Click here to read an article published in SDM about Honeywell’s role in a recently renovated property at 680 Folsom St. in the heart of San Francisco’s South of Market District. The award winning renovation illustrates the elevator’s role in the connected business, and its important tie back to supreme security. For more information, check out this case study.

Guest Post: Incorporating Honeywell Total Connect on Every Sale

Joshua Unseth by Joshua Unseth | 05.06.2015

Joshua Unseth is co-founder of Alarm Grid.

Adding connectivity to a customer’s home for a few extra bucks is one of the simplest sales we make at Alarm Grid. We add on Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services each day and making these sales is easy since it has become part of our company’s culture. If you’re wondering why you should sell remote services, keep reading!

Honeywell Total Connect

Honeywell Total Connect allows consumers to stay connected to their home or business 24/7.

Make It Part of Your Company Culture
The Internet lets you express what your company does. Take full advantage of your web site– promote connected home and incorporate Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. Our emphasis is on interactive services and we make it very clear on our website as we outline what is included in our alarm monitoring services.

Our internal emphasis is customers first, products, services and sales second. We do our best to assess the needs of our customers and get them exactly what they want. And our customers want Honeywell Total Connect. All we have to do is tell them about the incredible features.

We Expect Our Customers to Purchase Remote Services
Selling a security system that is tied to a connected home or business solution is simply better than a stand-alone security system. It allows consumers to stay connected to their home or business 24/7. That’s what people expect today – to be connected whenever they want, wherever they are. We expect our customers to want to purchase remote services. We do not push them or give them a hard sell. We simply present it on each call, explain it to them, and then, we give them the opportunity to upsell themselves.We have found that once our customers have

Guest Post: What’s It Like at a HIS End Users Forum?

Chris Larson by Chris Larson | 05.04.2015

Chris Larson is the National Security Technology Manager for Anthem, Inc.

HIS Forum

The HIS End Users Forum offers a variety of sessions and networking opportunities.

As the HIS End Users Forum approaches, I am thinking back to my first couple of Forums.  The first for me was in Louisville, KY. Honestly, I don’t remember that much of the event.  I do remember the restaurant event though.  It was a great restaurant at the top of the hill overlooking the Ohio River. I can remember how overwhelmed I was with what was being presented and what group (vertical market) I should choose. Felt a bit out of place with all the high level talk about how their systems worked and compliance issues within the pharmaceutical and financial worlds. “Should I even be in here?” I asked myself.

I knew that I had so much to learn about the Pro-Watch System.  I thought our systems were so small compared to other sites and those “veteran” administrators.  I was grateful for the opportunity to learn about where the system was going.

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