Bringing Security to the Great Outdoors

Kevin Piel by Kevin Piel | 11.02.2011

If you’re on a call and you notice that the homeowners have a huge shed in the yard, wouldn’t you like to give them a way to protect it? Let’s face it, in the past, there was no realistic option. Many of you probably walked away from bidding an expensive install or just didn’t bring up outdoor protection at all.

There is now a product that gives you that chance. And you don’t have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars trenching conduit and wire to do the job. How’s it possible? With the 5816OD wireless contact. Also perfect for commercial applications, the 5816OD is the newest member of our 5800 Series wireless products and a first-ever outdoor wireless contact.

The Gritty Details

Developing a tough outdoor contact is actually tough to do. There’s a lot of science behind it. Our engineering team created a contact that meets NEMA 4X standards for water protection and it has been designed for robust performance in diverse climates. In our testing, we even sprayed it with a power washer to simulate a fence being cleaned. And it stood up to the challenge.

And when you use it with outdoor rated magnetic pull-apart contacts, you can protect equipment like lawnmowers, generators and snow blowers. This gives you other opportunities to expand your offerings.

So whether you see a shed, detached garage, even an outdoor gate on your next security survey, the 5816OD gives you a reliably new way to generate revenue, without the high price tag. If you have an unusual application that the 5816OD can fit, let me know. We’d love to have your feedback.