Are You Really Connected?

Dean Mason by Dean Mason | 11.16.2011

Why A Real-Time Connection Is Critical

Security remote services provide the convenience and control we need, but are all connections the same?  Just as many security users may do, I often leave my house in a hurry… without arming my system.  Now with Total Connect, I use my smart phone or PC to arm my system, quick and easy…without the drive back home.

But what if in my rush I left a door or window open?  Total Connect is a real-time connection that automatically gives me the current status of the system prior to arming, so I don’t accidently arm the system with open zones. 

So what is real-time?

  • Direct connection from the end user to the end device
  • Automatic status of current zones and arming condition
  • No need to manually refresh to receive a status update

What is not real-time?

  • Making a connection on a defined interval to provide status updates or execute commands
  • Having to do a  manual refresh to find out current zone status
  • Adding the risk of blindly arming with open zones

Is your remote service solution providing you with a real-time connection?

Here’s a quick video clip demonstrating a real-time connection