Welcome to The Security Channel Blog

Ron Rothman by Ron Rothman | 11.02.2011

Welcome to The Security Channel BlogI read recently that there are more than 175 million blogs on the Internet —  an astounding number.  Then I thought about the security industry and the great information that we could share with our audience of security professionals.  What better way to offer a steady stream of information and insight on the technology and products that span Honeywell Security Group than a blog written especially for you.

This blog will be written mostly by individuals on the Honeywell Security Group team – an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge on security topics. The collective years of experience of this group is a unique resource that will provide you with useful information – all in easy, bite-sized chunks.  I’ll be reading what they have to say and will drop in from time to time to share my thoughts.

Thanks for joining us.  I encourage you to subscribe to the blog and offer comments and feedback on the topics that interest you.  We hope you will help us shape The Security Channel Blog into an online resource that will be a valued destination in the security industry for years to come.

So here it goes: The Security Channel Blog is officially launched! Let the conversation begin…