Guest Blogger Stan Martin | Top 11 SIAC Accomplishments in 2011

Stan Martin by Stan Martin | 11.02.2011

Eleven accomplishments for 2011 sounds like good synchronicity. Every year, we set out some key goals. Some are intangible, others are critical to both our success, and our industry. This year was no different.

Beyond helping on specific alarm ordinance campaigns across North America, we want to continue refining and providing useful tools to companies and associations in our industry. Let’s look at some of the steps we’ve taken to help the electronic security industry better manage alarm systems, and build long-term positive relationships with law enforcement.

  1. SIAC is the public face for the alarm industry, with numerous national publications contacting us for critical information.
  2. We’ve remained the number one resource for information on reducing alarm dispatches.
  3. SIAC remains the key point of contact for the alarm industry to IACP and NSA.
  4. We’re on the forefront of education for alarm dealers, reducing unnecessary calls for alarm dispatch.
  5. This year, we produced and distributed a law enforcement video. We spent a lot of time with high level law enforcement officials across the country, and their endorsement of our approach is a huge success story for the programs we advocate. We believe the video will be a tremendously important tool in working cooperatively with law enforcement on solutions at the local, state and federal levels. Watch the video at
  6. We initiated the changes in the SIA CP-01 standard that potentially allows all products to now qualify, and removed the two biggest dealer objections. This creates greater buy-in by dealers, and increases implementation, both factors that will help reduce unnecessary alarms.
  7. Our social media tools have expanded exponentially. Bookmark for our weekly blog, and www.twitter/siacinc to follow us on Twitter.
  8. We’ve continued to run a regular column in the Electronic Security Association’s “Newsline,” their quarterly newsletter, addressing recent issues of importance.
  9. We introduced ECV to APCO for inclusion as a national requirement that would need to be met before processing an alarm dispatch. This type of national approach is critical for further penetration of standards that will keep driving down dispatch calls.
  10. Entrants to our Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award contest continued to grow, demonstrating that more and more companies see the significance of adopting better alarm management practices. Custom Alarm of Rochester, MN, was our winner.
  11. The NSA – National Sheriffs’ Association endorsed ECV (2-call verification), a major visible statement of support that furthers our ability to work with communities to embrace this tool for filtering calls to law enforcement.

It’s been a year of demonstrated success and support, and one of evolution. With our contributors support, we believe our industry’s commitment to manage security systems more and more effectively in the years ahead will grow.