Are you tired of typing over and over?

Greg Tomasko by Greg Tomasko | 01.16.2012

The complaint is the same for so many installers and dealers. Even sales people get the question from their customers.  Why do I have to program my camera to something, then go to my recorder and program something else, then go to the software and type the camera’s again? It’s confusing!

In the MAXPRO NVR Series, we addressed that issue head on. With only “3 Clicks to Live Video,”  no one has to bother with camera IP addresses again if using Honeywell’s EQUIP Series of IP Cameras. The NVR’s setup wizard will not only discover any newly added and installed cameras on the network, it can assign IP addresses automatically.

That means an installer could plug in and power up the MAXPRO NVR and start the wizard. Then, that same installer could install the IP cameras throughout the facility. As long as the cameras are powered on and focused, by the time he returns to the MAXPRO NVR, the cameras are loaded and recording for him!

You don’t have to worry about the famed in IP video ever again.