Using Technology to Improve Sales

Jason Lutz by Jason Lutz | 01.09.2012

I recently had the opportunity to network with some of the security industry’s most influential dealers at the 2011 First Alert Convention in Scottsdale, AZ.  If there was one thing I saw over and over again, it was that little black tablet, also known as the iPad®.  Because so many dealers are using the iPad, it made me curious how their sales teams utilize them as they call on future customers. If you know sales people, they love to talk.  Not only did they share every application they love to use, but best of all, how they used these apps to walk customers through pre-designed sales presentations, tutorials on how to use the security system, and signing contracts. These are just a few of the ways our dealers are using iPads to earn more business and continue to provide value to their customers every day.

Many home and business owners recognize the value of being able to look into their home while they are away, but a sales person may find it difficult to show them how easy their security system will be to use once in place. Using the new Total Connect™ Demo App for the iPad they can do a simulated demo. They can even demonstrate in real time Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 Remote Services and Total Connect Video Services by connecting to their office demo or by placing a camera in the customer’s home. But even as interested as the homeowners are in the system, they may be distracted.

One of the best ideas came from a residential salesman whose challenge was one all residential sales people could relate to: How do you keep the homeowner’s children busy while you are going over the new system?  The answer: He now carries two iPads, one to aid him in his sales process and one to play Internet and Fire Safety videos from  The Life Safety information he was able to provide was one of the greatest parts of his day and a real benefit to their parents.  After seeing the passion from the dealers I spoke with, it really makes sense. We are going into someone’s home or business and asking them to invest in technology to solve their needs; shouldn’t we do the same?