Why the PDQ Matters

Stan Martin by Stan Martin | 01.26.2012

The Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) award enters year seven in 2012.  This prestigious award rewards one company annually for excellent alarm management practices. By co-sponsoring the award seven years ago, Honeywell,  the False Alarm Reduction Association, the IQ Program and Security Sales and Integration magazine are making  a difference in the security industry by helping to reduce unnecessary alarms by recognizing companies who establish and enforce quality practices to reach that goal. 

Finding best practices, recognizing them, and sharing that information is crucial for the electronic security industry to ensure well-operated alarm systems.  Across the country, orchestrated efforts to stop police response to alarm systems have occurred regularly the past 10 years.  This award demonstrates the commitment of the electronic security industry to recognize and reward those companies that are actively going out of their way to reduce those calls for police dispatch, improve public safety and be a positive force in the local community.

If your company is interested in submitting for the award, please fill out the entry information on our web site. Let your colleagues know about this contest.  If your company has a program in place, please think about submitting an application for the PDQ award.  Even if you don’t win, the process will help you identify key selling points to use with prospective customers, and that’s a benefit regardless of the winning selection.