Keeping an Eye on Retail Stores

Bill Durno by Bill Durno | 01.25.2012

Honeywell cameras help store management keep watch of valuables in this expansive space.

It’s a retail store with a large 10,000 square foot showroom and they have used video surveillance systems since the early VCR days. How do you bring the video surveillance system up-to-date and take advantage of new technology? That was the question for Stampede Tack , one of Canada’s largest western wear and tack shops.

Stampede Tack has been in business since 1970 and have upgraded their system over time. They now use one of Honeywell’s HRDP H.264 16 channel DVRs.

Store manager Kevin Mykle says that having after-hours remote access is probably the biggest advantage of the system. He likes having a real-time view of each camera and uses the iPhone app to keep an eye on the store wherever he is.

The video surveillance system is also used by store management to review customer traffic patterns within the store. It helps them know where customers go first when they enter the store to see where they stop and what promotional areas catch their attention. To see more about the updated system at Stampede Tack, watch the video below.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here

And for even more information, read our case study. If you have an interesting application for this Honeywell solution, please let me know about it.