Using Sensors for 24/7 Awareness

Kevin Piel by Kevin Piel | 01.11.2012

If you’re a gadget guy like me, you do more with your smart phone than your TV remote. Chances are your customers feel the same way and are always looking for more information. Now they can get instant updates about their home security system right to the palm of their hands.

From low temperature in a den to a gate opening in the backyard, Honeywell has the solution for your customers. And, when you add Total Connect™ Remote Services to provide messaging to mobile devices, a security system becomes even more valuable to today’s tech-savvy homeowners.

Take a look at this 90 second video that highlights just a fraction of what a Honeywell alarm system can do. By using this video in your sales presentations and social media efforts, you can illustrate the benefits with real-world examples. Check it out below.

Looking for Your Feedback
In addition, I wanted to thank everyone for the comments on my blog post about the 5816OD outdoor contact. Now that the product has been out for awhile, we’d be interested in hearing about any interesting applications you’ve found for it.