Opportunity Is Everywhere with Tuxedo Touch

Rob Puric by Rob Puric | 01.23.2012

Today, Honeywell is releasing a new product that can give your customers a lifestyle like a Hollywood star without the hefty price tag…I am proud to introduce you to Tuxedo Touch.

What Does It Do?
The Tuxedo Touch is a full-color 7” touchscreen display that does a lot more than just security. It integrates security and  cameras, and with its integrated Z-Wave controller for home automation, it enables customers to control thermostats, lights, locks and shades. But there is yet another important capability that we have added.

How Can Your Customers Connect to Tuxedo Touch?
It has a built-in web server which will allow you and your customers to control their Tuxedo Touch with ANY Internet connected device!  That’s right, you can use any smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or Internet TV to access your Tuxedo Touch.  We want to create the best local experience possible.

I’m especially excited about this new product because it will give you a way to reach new prospects, create loyal customers and differentiate yourself from the competition. The Tuxedo Touch provides you with the easiest, most affordable way to offer your customers robust security and advanced home and building automation in one! 

We created the video below to give you a way to explain all the benefits to your customers. Use it on your web site and during your sales presentations. And to see the coverage at the recent CEDIA show, watch this video.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

Stay tuned here for more posts on Tuxedo Touch.  I welcome your comments on the product and hearing about how your customers are reacting when presented with this technology.