Opportunity Is Everywhere with Tuxedo Touch

Rob Puric by Rob Puric | 01.23.2012

Today, Honeywell is releasing a new product that can give your customers a lifestyle like a Hollywood star without the hefty price tag…I am proud to introduce you to Tuxedo Touch.

What Does It Do?
The Tuxedo Touch is a full-color 7” touchscreen display that does a lot more than just security. It integrates security and  cameras, and with its integrated Z-Wave controller for home automation, it enables customers to control thermostats, lights, locks and shades. But there is yet another important capability that we have added.

How Can Your Customers Connect to Tuxedo Touch?
It has a built-in web server which will allow you and your customers to control their Tuxedo Touch with ANY Internet connected device!  That’s right, you can use any smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or Internet TV to access your Tuxedo Touch.  We want to create the best local experience possible.

I’m especially excited about this new product because it will give you a way to reach new prospects, create loyal customers and differentiate yourself from the competition. The Tuxedo Touch provides you with the easiest, most affordable way to offer your customers robust security and advanced home and building automation in one! 

We created the video below to give you a way to explain all the benefits to your customers. Use it on your web site and during your sales presentations. And to see the coverage at the recent CEDIA show, watch this video.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

Stay tuned here for more posts on Tuxedo Touch.  I welcome your comments on the product and hearing about how your customers are reacting when presented with this technology.


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  1. Sherman Greene 01.23.2012/8:21 pm

    When and where can I purchase this unit in Baltimore, Maryland?

  2. Terese Krout 01.23.2012/9:32 pm

    I am a Honeywell distributor in the area and will check on this tomorrow! It is awesome. Sherman you can contact me at 443-484-2832.

  3. lynn zyskowski 01.24.2012/1:33 pm

    We are interested in the specs and install info for the Tuxedo Touch.
    Thank you
    note: My Web Tech does not have this info.

  4. Jeff Gough 01.24.2012/5:06 pm

    I would also like some paperwork for this. Webtech doesn’t have any info as yet.

    Do the z-wave devices have full control, or is it away and disarm only?

  5. Randall 01.25.2012/11:02 am

    Any idea of when this product will be available at our local Texas ADI dist.?

  6. Angela Remmert 01.25.2012/5:35 pm


    Thanks for your interest! The Tuxedo Touch is available to security and low voltage professionals at ADI. Please call 1-800-233-6261 for your nearest ADI location.
    If you are a security company and looking for documentation on My Web Tech, the part number is TUXS.

  7. Marc Evans 01.25.2012/5:37 pm

    Checked out the manual in web tech. Unless I’m missing something , the ability to create a condition of light/dark or sunrise/sunset is not possible! Automating outside lighting is conditioned by sunrise/ sunset. What method does Tuxedo use ? ? It is colorful though.

  8. Angela Remmert 01.26.2012/7:33 am


    Tuxedo Touch has an integrated zwave controller that can support up to 230 zwave devices, which includes full control (installation, scenes, schedules and rules).

  9. Rob Chadwick 01.26.2012/7:33 am

    Have you thought about putting Honeywell products, such as this on the Z-Wave website? Not even the Honeywell Z-Wave thermostat is there. http://www.z-wave.com/modules/Products/

  10. Rob Puric 01.26.2012/8:12 am


    You can set light conditions by either setting them to go on and off as a rule/event or setting a specific day and time. We will be adding sunrise and sunset schedules based on time zones in Q2 as a software update.

  11. Rob Chadwick 01.26.2012/3:33 pm

    Rob, can a scene be created for a light to turn off AFTER the Exit Delay ends or some software programmable timer, so that a custmer is NOT left standing in the dark when they arm the alarm in the away mode (what I see as a problem with the z-wave bridge). If so, can you provide a programming example as I did not see a way to do this in the manual.

  12. Rob Puric 01.27.2012/8:06 am

    Rob, this functionality will be available in our next release of software code, which will be available in Q2.

  13. philippe bouchard 01.27.2012/11:18 am

    there is only 5 digit for the postal code ???? in Canada we have 6 digits, i am not able to set up the weather link???? on my keypads

  14. Rob Puric 01.27.2012/2:38 pm

    Hi Philippe, thanks for your question. Canadian and Latin American versions will be available in Q2.


  15. joe kish 01.28.2012/10:53 pm

    when is Q2 releasing?

  16. Rob Puric 01.29.2012/9:14 pm

    Hi Joe, it will be available in April/May.

  17. Scott Leger 01.30.2012/7:09 am

    Correct me if I’m wrong , but this system looks just like the one comcast is marketing for Xfinity Security……

  18. Doug Marshall 01.31.2012/11:25 pm

    Hi Scott, the system Comcast Xfinity is using is not the Tuxedo.

    – Doug

  19. Rob Chadwick 02.01.2012/9:07 am

    If you have more than one Tuxedo Touch on a system, do you have to program each one individually or will they “talk” to each other?

  20. Anthony 02.01.2012/12:36 pm


    The last thing we need is another crappy automation attempt. We’ve got plenty already.
    Know your place, Honeywell.

  21. Rob Puric 02.01.2012/2:27 pm

    Rob, If you have more than one Tuxedo, one will have to be set up as the primary zwave controller and when you add the second Tuxedo you would go to the zwave controller and hit the secondary keypad button in order to transmit all of the controller information from the primary keypad to the secondary keypad. However, both devices require a 4-wire ECP back to the Vista panel for security.

    Tuxedo Touch does have the option to just be a home automation controller as well! Which gives it a unique benefit in the marketplace.

  22. Rob Puric 02.01.2012/3:07 pm

    Hi Anthony, we appreciate your candor but respectfully disagree. We are taking the best of what we know – security and coupling it with open standard zwave technology for home automation. Tuxedo Touch is the first home controller with an integrated web server to give customers the ability to control their home with any internet connected device.

    • Joe 09.01.2012/5:40 pm

      i have installed this in my home i love all functionalities of this item but i have not been able to access remotely away from home??? and one more thing weather does not work when will this be corrected???

  23. John 02.03.2012/2:35 pm

    Do I have to have an agreement with a monitoring co. or any such service co for all applications to work or can my local alarm co install and leave without any further obligations

  24. David Gottlieb (Admin) 02.03.2012/6:34 pm

    Hi John, thanks for your question. Each dealer would have their own policy on that. For the purposes of maximizing your home security, we would recommend the monitoring by a central station service.

    • Lindsey 02.21.2012/8:32 pm

      So, if I buy and install the Tuxedo without a monitoring service, will I be able to use the system with the applizations discussed?

  25. Daniel papagolos 02.03.2012/11:43 pm

    I think the tuxedo looks fantastic. I do have a couple of questions however.
    First does this require a wave bridge in order to work or is it built into the tux?
    Second do I need an ip controller to use the Internet features of the tux?
    Is the tux a wired keypad or wireless?
    I hope to order on Monday so any Info would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Rob Puric 02.04.2012/10:33 pm

    Hi Dan, here are the answers::
    First, does this require a wave bridge in order to work or is it built into the tux? ANSWER: No, Tuxedo Touch has a built-in z-wave controller that can handle up to 232 z-wave devices.
    Second, do I need an ip controller to use the Internet features of the tux? No, Tuxedo Touch has a built in server so all you need to do is run a CAT5 line from the home owners router to the Tuxedo Touch.  Take a look at the video on built-in web – http://youtu.be/TbZThD1sk2A
    Is the tux a wired keypad or wireless? Tuxedo Touch is a wired keypad – it requires a wire from a Vista Security Panel to the Tuxedo Touch and a CAT5 line from the router.  If you just want home control you can just have a two-wire power supply to the two middle contacts and run Tuxedo in Home Automation mode.  This could be found in the advanced settings under CS options.
    Please call me if you need further help (516) 577-2784.

    Best Regards,

  27. Jackie Mumm 02.06.2012/1:10 pm

    How common is it for people to have Zwave appliances to utilize the Tuexdo Touch for lighting and thermostat control? Is this a new technology where only new homes built within the last year or two can benefit? If no zwave lighting and controls, how easy would it be to adapt them and is is cost effective for most?

  28. Rob Puric 02.06.2012/9:40 pm

    Thank you for your question! So, the first question is an excellent one.  The two top common zwave appliances are Thermostat control and lighting.  The main reason for this is around energy management.  As you probably guessed, people always forget to shut off their lights or lower their thermostat settings when there away.  So, have a home controller that can do this is extremely important.  The answer to you second question – zwave is not a new technology but it is an open protocol with a lot of manufacturers offering this technology that a home owner can install themselves.  These devices can be bought online or at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.  The last question is addressed above as well.  Basically, z-wave devices can be installed by dealers, especially thermostats.  However, there are a host of other devices that can be installed as DIY such as light lamp modules.  The beauty of Tuxedo Touch is that you can always add devices as your home needs grow and expand.

    I hope this helps you in your decision.

    Best regards,

    Rob Puric

  29. David Stroud 02.07.2012/5:19 pm

    Can you access the tuxedo touch web server from outside the home using static IP addresses? Or are you planning to integrate with total control or a new mobile app? Thanks.

  30. Sorin S. 02.09.2012/4:12 pm

    I too am interested in accessing the system functionality from anywhere on the web like the Vera systems. One more question though, why wasn’t “Redlink” functionality added to the tuxedo touch in order to control Honeywell’s Prestige thermostats? I have one and would have loved to be able to integrate the two. The current z-wave thermostats on the market are nothing compared to the Prestige and we’re forced to buy the Internet gateway in order to communicate with it. Any chance that Total Connect would at least integrate the two so we don’t have to use two different Honeywell apps?

  31. Rob Puric 02.10.2012/11:02 am

    Hi David, Tuxedo can be remotely accessed via a static public IP once the router port is opened. A dynamic public IP with optional DDNS service will also connect. An important step is to enable the login screen feature in Tuxedo.

    • Nick Munns 02.28.2012/11:14 pm

      Where is the option to enable the login?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 02.29.2012/7:58 am

      Hi Nick, you would click on the wrench sign followed by IP setup and then account setup. Thanks for your question.

    • Rayan Valdez 04.17.2012/4:06 am

      Can you make a video on how to configure this?

  32. Jamey Smith 02.11.2012/6:21 pm

    I have a Vista 20-P with a 6271cv and 2 6271c’s. The 6271cv has not functioned properly since I bought it and the Tuxedo Touch seems to do a lot of what I would like to do (alarm, HVAC, locks, lights, cameras…) in one seamless package. Is there a way to tell if garage doors are opened or closed and be able to open and close them? Is there one iphone app that controls the whole system remotely without the use of a 2nd or 3rd party?

  33. David Gottlieb (Admin) 02.12.2012/12:08 pm

    Hi Jamey, if you contact your security dealer and add a contact sensor for each garage door, Tuxedo will provide voice status of the garage doors. Also if you add a relay module to the VISTA control, you can open and close the garage doors from the Tuxedo screen.

    Look for “Tuxedo Touch” videos on YouTube to learn how to connect an iPad to Tuxedo. Tuxedo has a built-in web server that turns any network connected devices with a standard web browser to a full control interface to Tuxedo’s Connected Home Control system. No apps needed. If the router port forwarding is properly configured, Tuxedo can be remotely accessed with iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, PC’s and TV’s with web browsers.

  34. Sorin S. 02.13.2012/1:01 am

    Any response to my questions about “Redlink” capability and integrating the two programs???

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 02.14.2012/2:54 am

      Hi Sorin, while Prestige is not compatible with Tuxedo, Honeywell also has a very nice Zwave thermostat that works with Tuxedo. With Tuxedo’s built-in web server, any network enabled device with a web browser can connect to Tuxedo’s Connected Home Control system with a single interface to control temperature and security. Look for “Tuxedo Touch” videos on youtube to learn how it works. With proper router port configuration, Tuxedo system can be remotely accessed with the same easy interface.

  35. Bill N 02.14.2012/9:18 am

    Is the Tuxedo backward compatible with existing Vista Controls? For example, I have a V128 that utilizes the X10 protocol, with several switches, etc as well as 4204 relays to control overhead doors, lights, etc. Will the Tuxedo be able to be programmed to use these devices since they are technically “relays” to the system?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 02.14.2012/6:56 pm

      Hi Bill, Tuxedo is compatible with any VISTA control from VISTA-15P and up. It provides a screen for users to control X10 and 4204 relays. However these devices are not integrated to the automation programming and can only be controlled from the iPad via keypad console mode.

  36. Rich Manfredi 02.19.2012/9:52 pm

    Is the tuxedo compatible with any power monitoring devices? Such as the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Monitor (just using that as an example) or any other power monitoring device that would enable the tuxedo to display real time whole-house power usage and cost?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 02.20.2012/2:27 pm

      Hi Rich, more automation capabilities will be added in upcoming software updates to address those needs. Look for software updates from Honeywell or from this blog. Thanks.

  37. Rich Manfredi 02.19.2012/10:01 pm

    Two other questions for you: (I know they do not pertain to this topic but people seem to be getting answers here)

    1) Is there a honeywell solution to video verification for alarms?
    2) Are there any smoke detectors available or in the works from Honeywell – wired or wireless – that allow their built-in audio to sound via a signal from the panel? In other words – do you have any way to make all smoke detectors in a system sound when only one of them detects smoke?


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 02.21.2012/7:58 am

      Hi Rich, in answer to your questions…
      1) Honeywell is working toward a solution for Video Alarm Verification. Our plan is to be able to support the existing cameras available for our Total Connect Video service (or analog cameras connected with our ACU) and allow those cameras to provide information to the central station on alarms. I can’t give you a date of availability at this time.
      2) Honeywell is currently in development with the next generation of wireless smoke detectors. The common sounder activation of multiple detectors upon alarm will be a key feature of these new products. It will be available in 2013.

    • Joseph Brunjes 10.05.2012/6:11 pm


      You can also use the 2WTA-B smoke detector and 2 relays on a 4204 to reverse the polarity when in alarm to sound all the sounders on all the detectors installed on the circuit. Or you can use a System Sensor RRS-MOD reversing relay module. We use these methods to meet the code all the time.

  38. Rich Manfredi 02.21.2012/9:21 pm

    Thanks for the answers Dave. Any time frame for the z-wave power monitoring implementation?

    Also, I just want to say that I appreciate HONEYWELL not competing with its customers and tryin to steal their customers. I think it is absolutely insane for any alarm dealer to purchase any products made by TYCO or any of it’s many subsidiaries. Why would anyone give TYCO more money to advertise ADT and steal out customers? I think everyone should be buying Honeywell and I hope you guys never compete with your own customers for installation or monitoring because I’ll have to bring my business somewhere else. Thanks for making products that are as good or better than TYCO and for giving us all a choice where we spend our money.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 02.22.2012/8:28 am

      Rich, thanks for your kind words and support. We expect the implementation of z-wave power monitoring in the 2nd half of the year.

  39. Rich Manfredi 02.22.2012/8:27 pm

    Thanks Dave… Is there any estimate at all on the video verification? It is important to a decision I’m making. Just an estimate of the year it will be available will help me. I don’t need specifics. Thanks!

  40. Ken Rhodes 02.29.2012/12:41 pm

    Is there a one stop compatability chart for z-wave products for the TUXS. Having issues connecting a EVOLVE LSM-15 light switch.

  41. Joe Calvin 03.17.2012/9:53 pm

    We have a Tuxedo Touch, but the installer has been unable to get it to connect with an Apple 4s when on a mobile network. We have a web address, etc, but it will not open if we are away from our house and our local connection …. Contacted Honeywell, no solution yet ….

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 03.19.2012/2:55 pm

      Hi Joe, please port forward the router’s port 80 or port 6280 to the Tuxedo’s internal IP address. I have a presentation that describes Tuxedo’s remote access that we will send you. Also, look for a new post next week on establishing remote connection. Thanks.

    • Anthony Doss 03.14.2013/2:32 pm

      Is using port 6280 required? I have used port 9090 before and it worked okay. I updated my firmware on my tuxedo touch wifi controller to the 2/15/13 version and now I can’t see my keypad on my iphone. It shows connected, but I don’t have any access the arming/disarming as they only appear as words without commands behind them (I can’t click on the words and have anything happen). I would like to get your presentation on connecting using my iphone David. Thanks.

    • Anthony Doss 03.15.2013/1:30 pm

      An updated. I had software version 4.1.09 and not the latest. I downloaded and installed the latest software update 4.1.15 and everything is working properly now on my iphone.

  42. James Anderson 03.18.2012/2:40 pm

    Im also having problems getting z-wave light switches to learn into the tuxedo panel with tuxedo as primary z-wave controller. I can however have these light switches assigned to a ge remote and 2 gig alarm panel and use both of those as primary controllers at seperate times. Each time that I switch controllers I take each switch off the network and reset that particular network.(so that wouldn’t be the problem. The strange thing about it is that if I reset/clear zwave on tuxedo and change that to the secondary controller it will learn the ge remote and 2gig panel at seperate times and control the z-wave light switches with no problem. I hope that the z-wave issues will be fixed in a firmware update. Kind of disappointed at this point with the zwave performance. Zwave switches i have are several ge and intermatic HA05. Any help would be appreciated.

  43. Jesus 03.19.2012/1:42 pm

    Hi, I need infomation how configure internet access (for manage over the internet) to the Toxedo Touch .

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 03.19.2012/2:28 pm

      Hi Jesus, please check out this video on how to configure internet access… http://youtu.be/TbZThD1sk2A

  44. James Anderson 03.19.2012/8:57 pm

    Hi David,

    Can you tell me if powerline ethernet adapters can be used with the tuxedo to cut down on the amount of wire fishing needed to get ethernet connection to the panel. Also will the tuxedo wifi when it comes out be able to connect to owners network without need for ethernet cables? Can current units be upgraded via firmware or sent in to add wifi radio to them for a cost?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 03.21.2012/7:30 am

      Yes, Powerline Ethernet can be used to reduce the wire run. The Tuxedo Wi-Fi (when it is available) will connect to the owner’s network without the need for Cat5 cables, but current units cannot be field upgraded to Wi-Fi.

  45. James Anderson 03.21.2012/1:42 pm

    Hi David, Thanks for answering my 2nd set of questions. Any answers as far as my z wave issues that I spoke about in my first post? Also does total connect 2.0 allow control of the z-wave lights that I have hooked to the tuxedo panel? Also when will total connect 2.1 be out and is it a free upgrade? Thanks for your time.

    • Eric KW Chan 04.14.2015/4:08 pm

      Could you send me instruction how to enable Tuxedo remote cam access anywhere via Total Connect 2.0? Where can I setup the login in both Tuxedo and TC 2.0? Thanks

  46. Tim Bramlett 03.27.2012/6:46 pm

    We are an Integrator in Texas and recently installed three of the Tuxedo Touch Keypads at a residence. Tech support told us and the manual tells us that any IP camera can be installed. We went through couple different type of IP cameras and finally got one from Honeywell that works.
    Is there a list of compatable cameras that we can chose? If so where would we find it?
    The customer want’s more cameras but we don’t know what works.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 03.29.2012/2:18 pm

      Hi Tim, thanks for contacting us. Below is a list of compatible cameras from Cisco and Trendnet. We are also in the process of evaluating other cameras…

      Cisco P/T Wifi CameraCisco Small Business WVC210 Wireless-G PTZ Internet Video Camera – 2-way Audio Network camera – pan / tilt

      Trendnet P/T Wifi Cameras
      SecurView Wireless N Day/Night Pan/Tilt/Zoom Internet Camera
      TV-IP422WN (Version V1.0R)
      SecurView Wireless N Pan/Tilt/Zoom Internet Camera
      TV-IP410WN (Version v1.0R)
      SecurView Wireless Pan/Tilt/Zoom Internet Camera
      TV-IP410W (Version A1.0R)

      Trendnet P/T Cameras (non wifi)
      SecurView Day/Night Pan/Tilt/Zoom Internet Camera
      TV-IP422 (Version A1.0R)
      SecurView Pan/Tilt/Zoom Internet Camera
      TV-IP410 (Version A1.0R)

      Trendnet Pro P/T Wifi Cameras
      ProView Wireless N Pan/Tilt/Zoom Internet Camera
      TV-IP612WN (Version 1.0R)
      Trendnet Tv-ip602wn proview Wireless Pan/tilt/zoom Internet

      Trendnet Fixed Cameras (wifi & non wifi)
      SecurView Wireless N Day/Night Internet Camera
      SecurView Wireless N Internet Camera
      SecurView Internet Camera
      TV-IP110 (Version A1.0R)

      Trendnet Pro Fixed Wifi & PoE Cameras
      ProView Wireless N Internet Camera
      TV-IP512WN (Version v1.3R)
      ProView PoE Internet Camera
      TV-IP512P (Version v1.3R)

      Trendnet Outdoor PoE Cameras and Analog Converters
      SecurView Outdoor PoE Megapixel Day/Night Internet Camera
      TV-IP322P (Version v1.0R)
      Single Channel PoE Analog to IP Video Encoder
      TV-VS1P (Version v1.0R)
      TV-VS1 (Version v1.0R)

      Trendnet Dome and Hi-Resolution PoE Cameras
      SecurView PoE Dome Internet Camera
      TV-IP252P (Version B1.xR)
      ProView Megapixel PoE Internet Camera
      TV-IP522P (Version v1.0R)

  47. Sorin S. 04.02.2012/11:34 pm

    Any response to Total Connect 2.1 release date and details?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 04.03.2012/8:46 am

      Hi Sorin, Total Connect 2.1 will be available for general release in June on the LYNX Touch 5100 followed by Tuxedo Touch in the second half of the year.

    • JackSpratt 01.27.2013/7:46 pm

      David, Just wondering if there is a confirmed Total Connect 2.1 date in addition there are rumors floating around that the firmware update to 2.1 will only be compatible with the Wi-Fi model?

  48. James Scott 04.08.2012/1:38 pm

    Hi Dave, Installed Honeywell IPCAM WI (hardwired) to tuxedo and works fine. Installed the TrendNet Dome model TV-IP252P and TrendNet TV-IP422 (PTZ) (both listed as compatable cameras). Tuxedo will not ot reconize them (think it may be MAC it is unable to locate). Can you provide a solution, or installation help?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 04.11.2012/7:46 am

      James, please check your email. I have sent you additional information. Thanks.

  49. James Scott 04.12.2012/1:24 am

    David, Thank You for reply above but have not your information was not received. Would you be so kind as to resend (will provide secondary email address). Thanks James

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 04.12.2012/7:45 am

      Yes, thanks. I re-sent.

  50. James Scott 04.13.2012/4:47 pm

    Dave, Received and Installed “ptf” to TUXW as provided; after reboot allowed tuxedo to do auto scan for cameras and it immediately found both Honeywell IPCAM WI and TrendNet IP252. Both cameras viewable on tuxedo.

    Since this install has three tuxedo keypads (all connected to 21ispa), discovered neither two other tuxedos would discover trend camera, so installed ptf on remaining two pads following same installation proceedure as first. . Now back to original issue, only the IPCAM WI is seen by system.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 04.13.2012/5:30 pm

      James, our engineering team suggests that you hit the scan button a few times to see if Tux can find the Trendnet. If still can’t find the Trendnet, write down the info from the first Tux that sees the Trendnet and manually create a camera and type in the trendnet’s IP address and rtsp command.

    • Eric K.W. Chan 09.12.2014/6:36 am

      I also bought Trendnet IP252 and not able to install in my Honeywell Tuxedo. Can you also share the installation info to me. Many thanks

  51. James Scott 04.13.2012/11:41 pm

    My apology to you Dave, that I wasnt clear with essential details; After software upgrade to the first tux (which diid immediately find the TrendNet camera –and had picture) — when the second and third tux were not able to find the TrendNet camera, the second Tux was upgraded the the software patch, After the upgrade, The second Tux was still not able to find the TrendNet (it could still see the H IPCAM). When the first tux was checked (the one which had the upgrade) it no longer could find the TrendNet camera.

    From then on a series of testing was done, ie., . All Tux were reset (under advanced settings); ptf was reloaded and scan done repeatedly to no avail. Various trials were systematically done such as –The 21ispa panel was powered down and restarted; additionally a reset of only one tux, then all three tux was done; TrendNet camera was reset; reset entire LAN, reinstalled ptf to only one tux; cleared all cameras from all Tux units and rebooted –, etc., etc. every possible variation which thought might work was tried. Even pulled another TrendNet camera from stock to see if the online camera had failed; all to no avail. End result, the only camera any of the 3 Tux units will respond to is right back to the Honeywell IPCAM (which has worked faithfully the entire time).

    . Since the Tux will allow a manual input of the IP address, , is there a ‘backdoor; to enter the MAC address manually (tux will not allow such entry currently)?. Another question; the Trendnet is capable of both DHCP and static IP. The TrendNet defaults to DHCP, is that what the Tux is looking for, or is a static IP wanted by tux? Also, Was upgrading each Tux correct, or was that a mistake? Thanks for all your help working this issue out.

  52. gary chance 04.14.2012/12:33 pm

    How can I master reset the Tux? I have pressed the tab on the rear, but nothing.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 04.14.2012/6:25 pm

      Gary, there is a pinhole reset button behind the status LED’s to reset the unit..

  53. gary chance 04.14.2012/1:00 pm

    also, can you tell me what the new firmware updated? i can now see more IP when i search under the camera section, but when i try to connect, it says fail.

  54. Glen Petit 04.15.2012/1:50 pm

    David, I had to disconnect my IPCAM-WI to install an upgraded router with WPS. Upon re-install wirelessly the power led on the camera will not stabilize, just keeps flashing…….any ideas of how to reinstall this IPCAM-WI.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 04.22.2012/9:11 pm

      Hi Glen, it sounds like you are using a third party router with WPS. We suggest you use the Honeywell WAP.

  55. Edwin Sanchez 04.15.2012/6:22 pm

    When the update comes out for the Spanish language and the weather forecast for another area code outside the U.S. Where to download the update and how it applies

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 04.22.2012/9:13 pm

      Hi Edwin, For dealers, dealers can go to the mywebtech website site to download the software. The site will provide instructions and files to download to an SD card. Insert the SD card in Tuxedo and reset the unit. It will reprogram within 2min. http://www.security.honeywell.com/hsc/resources/mywebtech/index.html

  56. Rayan Valdez 04.17.2012/3:54 am

    Hi David,

    I got Tuxedo Touch on my new home, i just want to know to setup the static IP address so I control the system
    outside my house.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 04.22.2012/9:08 pm

      To access Tuxedo’s web server outside, determine to use either port 80 or port 6280, port forward the router, then Tuxedo can be accessed remotely using the external IP address + port.

    • eddie Diaz 05.11.2012/5:21 pm

      I got the web to work but I do not see any security login to prevent unarothized access any idea how to fix this issue.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 05.13.2012/9:19 pm

      Hi Eddie, It is covered in the user guide.
      The steps to enable login are as follows:
      From homescreen press SETUP->IP-SETUP->ACCT_SETUP, enter user login name and password.

    • JackSpratt 01.27.2013/7:43 pm

      Can anyone confirm the WebServer Password location? I am unable to find it in the user guide. If the web-server is password protectable can you share if it is including encryption? And what page and a link to the guide that talks about the user login name and password, as I am only able to find Wi-Fi password settings and IP Camera Settings in the guide

  57. Marcelo Kronfeld 04.19.2012/2:37 pm

    Hi David are you planning to include email alerts with the tuxedo touch ? Cause I imagine that you add this future and you access through the device from the outside with port forwarding the total connect service wont make any sense.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 04.22.2012/9:09 pm

      Yes, we will have email alerts from Tuxedo and camera recording on to the SD card at a future point.

  58. Alex VD 04.25.2012/8:45 am

    Hello I realize that the recommended configuration is to use the Vista Security Panels for security elements. However I need to enable a low cost solution. Is it possible to use a zwave enabled door and window sensor like the aeon labs door and window sensor for security alerts. I see that you can operate in Home automation mode only but I think that would than turn off security alerts right?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 04.26.2012/7:55 pm

      Hi Alex – thanks for your question. At this point, Tuxedo does not integrate with Z-Wave door and window sensors.

  59. Greg L 04.30.2012/6:40 pm

    Team Tux, How is zoning (HVAC) handled? Honeywell offers 2 types of zoning systems, and bringing this into the Tux would be ideal!! I can totally vision myself adjusting room temps while I am out at the office, vacation etc.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 05.01.2012/8:39 am

      Hi Greg,
      Currently Tuxedo only supports the Zwave thermostat, which is a single zone stat. In a multiple zone system, it may have multiple Zwave thermostats installed and Tuxedo can control them on its 7″ screen or on smart mobile devices.

  60. John C 05.01.2012/9:37 pm

    I have the Vista 20Psia and the documentation says the Tuxedo Touch is compatible with this panel.Can I also use my 4204 relay modules and the x10 powerhouse devices with the home automation features on the Tuxedo touch?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 05.01.2012/10:35 pm

      Hi John, Tuxedo provides a separate screen to let users manually control 4204 and x10 devices. These devices are not bi-directional and not used in automation scene control of Tuxedo.

  61. Aranggan V 05.20.2012/6:54 pm

    I am a DIY enthusiast and i am looking at the Tux for home automation. I have a analog surveillance system with a DVR at my residence. The DVR lets me view video remotely through any IP enabled system. Is it possible to connect the TUX to this DVR to view video footage or is it required to have IP cameras for video to work with the Tux.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 05.21.2012/2:57 pm

      Hi, you can feed a DVR’s analog output into a Trendnet analog video converter. Tuxedo can take the digital output from the trendnet to play it on the screen.

  62. Aranggan V 05.21.2012/6:47 pm

    Thanks David. Google search returned a Trendnet single channel Analog video to IP converter. My DVR has 8 channels. If I use one of these converters, is it possible switch around and view different video channels (feeds) with the Tux.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 05.23.2012/9:05 am

      Yes, you can switch the camera channels from the DVR if it supports multi-channel. The Trendnet convert will then take the DVR output to feed into Tuxedo.

  63. Dione Rigsby 05.24.2012/1:02 am

    Installed Honeywell IPCAM WI (hardwired) to tuxedo and works fine. Installed TrendNet Dome model TV-IP252P . Tuxedo will not ot reconize them (think it may be MAC it is unable to locate). Can you provide a solution, or installation help?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 05.24.2012/7:05 pm

      Hi Dione, you can update the Tuxedo firmware that supports auto camera discovery of the TrendNet camera. You will need to verify TrendNet’s rtsp command string “mpeg4”.
      Go to http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/software-updates.html to download the latest rev.

  64. Mark Elkin 05.25.2012/11:50 am

    Hi, I have purchased the Ademco Tuxedo keypad and have it installed and running with the latest firmware. I live in Canada and have used my Canadian Postal code to set up the weather.

    I have noticed two issues:
    1) The city name is displayed only as the postal code, unlike a US Zip code, where it displays the actual city name.
    2) The temperature and forecast are displayed in Farenheight with no choice of displaying temperatures in Cecius.

    Could anyone please let me know if these issues will be addressed in a future formware upgrade.

    Thanking you,


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 05.25.2012/12:40 pm

      Hi Mark, yes – this will be addressed in a future update that is scheduled for release in the 3rd quarter. Thanks for your question.

  65. kurt lewis 05.29.2012/7:14 pm

    hello- I read a post above that states X10 lights / devices are only accessible in a “keypad console” mode and not from the native lighting / automation screens with labled buttons. So are you telling us all that if our customers want this new Tuxedo, they have to completely throw away their X10 investment and repurchase all Z-Wave, just to be able to get reasonable control of devices via normal labled buttons on the touch screen panel? That would seem rather rediculous, I am quite surprised that you did not design each lighting / device config to have a selection of “x10 device” or “zwave device”, therefore integrating both technologies in the same convenient automation interface. I don’t think it is right that you are forcing this change on your loyal distributors, installers and customers, when a simple bit of code and forethought would have made this a seemless upgrade / transition. You have to realize that virtually all customers using automation in their system are **X10 based** as that has been the standard (and only option) for many years. By allowing both technologies to be configured and available under automation, customers can choose to transition to Z-Wave incrementally as needed, or keep X10 devices that work fine.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 05.30.2012/8:37 am

      Hi Kurt, thanks for your comment. Tuxedo will continue to support the original X10 and other output device from the VISTA system just the same way as the previous 6272 keypad. Users can access the X10 devices GUI interface – from the home screen press Automation then press the Lighting Button (5th button from the left of the bottom of the Automation screen).

      Obviously the X10 device can not provide status and won’t work with scene control.

  66. Hendre Bezuidenhout 06.01.2012/7:13 am

    I bought a Tuxedo Touch with latest firmware update including some Z-Wave devices as follow:
    1. Binary Switches – work correctly
    2. Multilevel Switch (dimmer) – work correctly
    3. Binary door sensor – Tux can see sensor but cant do anything with it
    4. Binary Infra Red Detectors – Tux can see them but cant do anything with them
    5. Z-Wave module siren – Tx can switch it on and off

    From the scene creation page there is no option to use binary sensors, but only switches, thermostats and door locks

    I want to create scenes where for eg. Infra Red detector control a switch, etc

    Can this be done? or is this a firmware update in Q??

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.01.2012/5:16 pm

      Hi Hendre, Tuxedo is not compatible with Z-Wave sensors (ie. contacts and PIR) at this time.

  67. Hendre Bezuidenhout 06.01.2012/6:34 pm

    Hi David,

    Do you know when this will be available in the Tuxedo?


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.03.2012/3:21 pm

      Hi Hendre, we are looking into it, but don’t have a timeline at this point. We do plan on integrating Honeywell’s 5800 RF sensors.

  68. Steven Streety 06.02.2012/12:55 am

    Can Schlage Link lock with the Nexia bridge be configured as a z-wave on the Tux?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.03.2012/3:18 pm

      Hi Steven, Tuxedo works with Schlage locks, Kwikset and Yale zwave locks. We have not evaluated the Schlage/Nexia bridge, but technically it may be configured as a secondary Z-Wave controller to be enrolled to Tuxedo’s primary Z-Wave controller.

  69. gary chance 06.07.2012/5:09 pm

    Do you have any idea when TC2.1 for the tux will be out (zwave control)? I have had a ton of calls about that service but cannot find a straight anwser.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.07.2012/8:50 pm

      Hi Gary, we are planning for that to be available by the end of the year. Thanks for the question.

  70. Mark Elkin 06.11.2012/11:04 am

    Hi all,

    I think I might have found a firmware bug in the Tuxedo Touch. If the alarm is armed in AWAY mode using the web interface and then the alarm status is viewed from the web interface at a later date, it displays as armed STAY.

    Can anyone confirm this bug and let me know if it will be corrected in a future firmware upgrade.

    Thanking you,


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.11.2012/6:12 pm

      Hi Mark, can you please check to see if you have the “Auto Stay” enabled in the panel.

    • Shane Moore 06.12.2012/2:41 pm

      I am experiencing a similar issue – a tux system with a 5828 at one door is arming in away but the shows as STAY.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.13.2012/8:16 pm

      Hi Shane, can you please check to see if the “Auto Stay” is enabled in the panel.

  71. Mark Elkin 06.12.2012/7:45 am

    Thanks David, That must be it. I will check and let you know.

  72. gary chance 06.14.2012/4:17 pm

    Hi David, i was wondering if any updates in the future might have an option that would allow zwave lights to turn on if the alarm is triggered? it would be nice if you could setup a list of lights to flash or just turn on encase of an event.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.14.2012/4:59 pm

      Hi Gary, yes – that will be included in a future update.

  73. Mark Elkin 06.14.2012/10:09 pm

    Hi David,

    Thank you so much for this blog – you have been a tremendous help. I have the Tuxedo Touch configured and my router port forwarded and I can access the Tuxedo remotely but I still do not see the camera views when viewing the web interface remotely. I have tried port forwarding the camer IP addresses as well. Are camera images blocked from remote access via the prt forward method?

    Thanking you,


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.15.2012/7:37 am

      Hi Mark, you may want to check out the Total Connect video service, because it is ideal for the remote viewing of cameras. Tuxedo does support one camera to be setup for remote viewing. Go in to the camera manual setup and edit the cameras http port to a desired port number. Then manually create an “external” camera using the same port as the “internal” one. However, instead of using the internal IP address, enter the external public IP address. Now open the port for the camera in the router. Use a Safari browser for remote viewing to avoid the need to open another port for RTSP streaming MPEG4… but you can do that if you want to use IE8.

  74. Keith Grupico 06.20.2012/9:10 pm

    Just installed a Tuceso keypad with the Yale automated deadbolt. We managed to get the Tucedo to control the lock but had no luck with having the Uale lock send a disarm signal to the tuxedo. We properly wrote the line of automation in the tuxedo but could not get it to work. Spoke with tech support and I was told that the Yale lock will not send a signal to the tuxedo it will only receive a signal. Please advise what u can do cause Honeywell blames Yale and Yale blames Honeywell. I’m the dealer/integrator stuck in the middle with a oissed of customer. FYI, we also updated the firmware yesterday.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.21.2012/11:44 am

      Hi Keith, Yale has two versions of the lock that interface differently with the current Tuxedo. Tuxedo was developed with Yale’s capacitive touch lock, but Yale’s push button lock has a slightly different interface that makes some functions not work properly on Tuxedo. Both Honeywell and Yale have addressed the issue. Honeywell’s recently launched Tuxedo Wifi (TUXWIFIW) is compatible with both types of Yale locks.

      Tuxedo also integrates with the Z-Wave locks of other manufacturers, like Kiwkset and Schlage. Thanks for your question.

  75. Kevin Camasi 06.29.2012/3:18 pm

    Is it possible to configure the Tux to use https rather than http for remote connections? For example, I’d like to open my browser and go to https://192.168.1.X so the communication is over a secure connection.


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.29.2012/7:49 pm

      Hi Kevin, thanks for your question. That feature is not currently available on Tuxedo Touch but we anticipate adding it in the future.

  76. Shane Moore 06.30.2012/1:33 pm

    Dale and group
    The info presented here is the best resource I have found. I have an issue I’m trying to resolve.

    I installed a Tuxedo with PTZ cam in my Mexico house June 10 where I have Internet but no phone service. I’ve configured the router and local testing confirmed camera was connected. Upon return home though I cannot view the camera. I read above re opening another port but I expected that viewing the cam remotely would be the same as viewing it locally and that this could be done simply by clicking “Camera” on the Tuxedo. I had an alarm condition last night and would very much appreciate any input.

    Further, can you advise do the ability to review the arm/disarm/fault log on the Tuxedo? I have people coming through the house for cleaning periodically and would value the ability to review when they arrived, left, plus I would know if they front door fault was due to a mis entry of their code.

    Many thanks, Shane

    • Shane Moore 06.30.2012/1:44 pm

      David (not dale) my apologies.

  77. James Scott 07.02.2012/6:15 pm

    Two questions:
    With tux panels running 4.1.08R software (under advanced setup) is there newer version?

    Is there a known issue with tux keypad randomly NOT disarming system? Only common recognizable constant (at least thus far) seems to be this problem generally occurs after system has been armed for 5 5 to 8 hrs. When this condition occurs, none of the three tux keypads will disarm system during countdown prior to alarm, nor after the system trips into alarm. , however the Honeywell 6150 keypad which is also connected to system, will disarm (when tux keypads wont). This is intermittent problem.


  78. James Anderson 07.16.2012/11:10 am

    Can someone here tell me when the “vista-gsm4g” will be available for Purchase?


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 07.16.2012/3:05 pm

      Hi James, we are working towards a Q4 release.

  79. Paul Szymanski 07.30.2012/7:30 pm

    I am currently running firmware 4.1.03R. I’m debating updating the firmware to 4.1.08 but would really like to see some release notes on what changes this release contains. I also don’t necessarily want to risk losing any of my video or automation settings unless it is for something special, like new features .


  80. Terran Jones 08.14.2012/5:54 pm

    The Tuxedo Touch is an excellent controller/keypad. We love its capabilities but we are having a few problems with thw Wifi model. We have installed several of these for our customers and they all have problems controlling the Yale z-wave touchscreen lock and the Wifi connection is weak even though a laptop has very good connectivity in the same area as the keypads. For the Wifi issue, i think that it might be a weak antenna. For the Yale z-wave lock control it appears that the communication is not going through the mesh network but directly from the primary controller to the lock. I say this because when the controller is closer to the lock it works fine but when it is farther away it rarely works. We are able to control the lights and thermostats perfectly. One of the switches is located right next to the Yale lock. I will be contacting support on the issues though> I am sure we will get it working properly.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 08.15.2012/8:32 am

      Hi Terra, thanks for your comment on this topic. In regards to WiFi / Z-Wave range, it depends on the mounting surface and sometimes if it is mounted against an exterior wall, it can reduce range. We are collecting any Z-Wave field issues and reporting them back to the various Z-Wave product manufacturers to get their recommendations for a better connection to their devices in a mesh network environment. Mesh networking technology is provided inside the Z-Wave chip set and requires very little adjustment from our product. As soon as we get advice from other manufacturers, we will provide updates.

  81. Shawn Milloy 08.29.2012/8:37 am

    I recently had a Tuxedo wifi installed in my home to replace my old keypad. So far, the device is working well, with the exception of a few minor issues.

    1. I cannot get the weather to work at all. When i go into the setup, and enter my postal code, I get an error message that says “error downloading http://www.google.com/ig/api?hl=en&weather=N2p2c6 server replied: forbidden, yesterday i am pretty sure i had the same message, except it said server replied unavailable. At first i thought it had something to do with my network, however after a lot of setting changes, that doesnt seem to be the case. Any other wifi device can connect to the internet without problems, i dont see why this would be different.

    2. Unfortunately the web server does not work on the standard blackberry playbook browser. (Fixed by downloading a different browser).

    If you have any suggestions for the weather fix, i would appreciate it.


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 08.29.2012/6:27 pm

      Hi Shawn, we are aware of the weather issue. We are preparing a firmware fix to address this issue. It will be about a little more than a month and there will be a firmware update on the web site. Thanks.

  82. James Anderson 08.29.2012/2:36 pm

    My weather stopped showing up on my Tuxedo Touch yesterday. Reset keypad and panel several times and still not working. I made sure that the keypad has internet service. Any thoughts?

    • Adam Jennings 08.29.2012/5:28 pm

      James, my weather is out too and noticed it not working last night. Must be a server side issue. Not a big deal to me as I hardly ever use anyway.

      Does David or anybody know if the Tuxedo automation z-wave scheduling will get a setting of dusk to dawn. I have timers that automaticly change the time for dusk to dawn with the calendar year, so that feature would be great in the tuxedo automation scheduling. Thank you. adam

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 08.30.2012/7:48 am

      Hi Adam, we are adding a sunset/sunrise feature in automation shortly for the TUXW and TUXS.
      It will be added in TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS as well, but at a later date. Thanks for the question.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 08.29.2012/6:26 pm

      Hi James, we are aware of the weather issue. We are preparing a firmware fix to address this issue. It will be about a little more than a month and there will be a firmware update on the web site.

  83. Murdoch 08.30.2012/1:47 am

    Hi David, do I need to have a specific version of yale z wave lock in order to operate it with tuxedo automation?
    In better wording, do I have to purchase the touch lock z wave yale from the Honeywell dealer or I can buy any zwave yale touch lock and make it work with my Tuxedo touch?
    I live in Alberta, Canada and the local dealer I talked to did not help toward my most of my questions.
    Thanks for your helpful replies.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 08.30.2012/8:21 am

      Thanks for the question. Tuxedo Touch will work with both Yale Z-Wave models, which include touchscreen and keypad versions (http://www.yaleresidential.com/en/yale/yale-USA/Real-Living/product-details/Keypad/), and they are widely available.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 08.30.2012/8:52 am

      CORRECTION: The TUXWIFI supports both the touch and keypad versions of Yale. The TUX currently supports touch, and later on will support the button version.

  84. Shawn Milloy 08.30.2012/8:52 am

    Thanks for the response above re: weather David.

    One other quick question. Does honeywell have a product that could be used with the TUXWIFIS that would extend the range of zwave devices (that is not another tuxedo).
    IE i could set it up somewhere in the home that that is either A in range of the zwave keypad, or perhaps simply on the wireless network?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 08.30.2012/9:23 am

      Hi Shawn, most light switches/modules that are AC powered can be a zwave range extender or “repeater” once the system is enrolled with devices. and these repeaters are good for extending the range for light switches and thermostats. We have not verified that with door locks yet. However enrollment of Z-Wave devices via a repeater is not available except for the GE brand light switches. It is a Z-Wave technical term called “NWI – Network Wide Inclusion”. Tuxedo and GE switches can support NWI device enrollment. There are two products that will be able to act as Z-Wave range extenders:
      Leviton VRC0P-1LW and VRP03-1LW but they are not available yet.

  85. John C 08.30.2012/10:16 am

    My Tux was running well for 3 months, including web access & weather. Now, I see a connection error on the weather forecast screen. Web access still functioning well. What are the diagnostics for this situation?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 08.30.2012/10:28 am

      Hi John, we are aware of the weather issue. We are preparing a firmware fix to address this issue. It will be about a little more than a month and there will be a firmware update on the web site.

  86. John T 08.30.2012/10:17 pm

    Is there a way to change the web login screen. i.e., text, background, etc

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 08.31.2012/11:42 am

      Hi John, the login screen can not be modified. However this is a great suggestion and we will consider adding this feature in later firmware upgrades. Thank you.

  87. John T 09.02.2012/11:10 am


    While you are considering future software upgrades it would be nice if the web server had the ability to communicate with ddns servers which would make it nice for users who do not have static IPs. Some devices that support ddns allow user defined time frames where the web server automatically communicates with the ddns server. i.e., 30min, 2hr, 8hr, etc. You could even charge an annual fee for this functionality like $10 to $25. For reference you make want to look at some of the Panasonic CCTV camera that have this functionality built in.


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 09.02.2012/6:58 pm

      John, thanks for your feedback. I’ll pass on your comment to Tuxedo’s product manager.

  88. Lenny DAmbrosia 09.03.2012/10:08 am

    I have the trendnet tv-ip422wn cameras and my tuxedo will not find them I need some assistance I think that it wont find the mac address and I cannot put it in manually is there a way of doing this.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 09.04.2012/8:46 am

      Hi Lenny. In the event that Tuxedo can not detect the camera’s IP address automatically, the Trendnet camera comes with its own installation disc that can find the camera’s IP address. Use that IP address and manually create a camera in Tuxedo’s camera setup screen. Make sure to enter the camera’s IP address, login name, password and the rtsp command “mpeg4”.

  89. Brett Vitaz 09.13.2012/2:10 pm

    I am a developer who works with control systems Crestron and Clare Controls. Is there someone I can contact to get information about an API to integrate with?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 09.13.2012/2:54 pm

      Hi Brett, at the current time we don’t have an API. Thanks for the question.

    • Branden Pirot 04.22.2013/1:56 pm

      Please release an API. No Mini Split system can easily or cheaply integrated. Mitz uses a Redlink stat and we need to be able to integrate. You could fill a major hole in our market and we would push or sell many Redlink setups.

  90. Mike Franks 09.13.2012/2:23 pm

    I just had the Tuxedo Touch WiFi installed and I am trying to setup my IP camera and it does not seem to work. I have the camera working fine but can’t get it to show up on the Txudeo after I set it up the Mac Id does not show. Please help. the Camera is a Foscam F18904W

    Thank you

  91. Tom Tayler 09.13.2012/5:19 pm

    I am an installer that just ran into the same problem with the Foscam F18904F. Please let me know if there is a way to setup this camera on the Tuxedo?

  92. Chad Woody 09.15.2012/11:47 am

    My Tuxedo will no longer connect to the weather, even after the latest software update. I get a “connection error” message even though the panal is hooked up to a good internet connection.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 09.17.2012/3:24 pm

      Hi Chad, that weather situation will be addressed in a firmware update that will be available in mid-October. The update will be available at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/. Thank you..

  93. Joe 09.16.2012/12:13 pm

    do you have a set date the firmware update will be available for the weather? It sounds like you guys just keep putting it off. Everywhere i read you keep on saying its a month and a half out. As a consumer it is hard to stomach the fact that you have shelled out close to 600 dollars for a TUXWIFIW keypad and as you power it up one of the main features on the home screen doesnt work.Can we get a straight anwser with a concrete date as to when the Firmware will be available? also where on the site will it be for download?

  94. Joe R 09.16.2012/12:16 pm

    do you have a set date the firmware update will be available for the weather? It sounds like you guys just keep putting it off. Everywhere i read you keep on saying its a month and a half out. As a consumer it is hard to stomach the fact that you have shelled out close to 600 dollars for a TUXWIFIW keypad and as you power it up one of the main features on the home screen doesnt work.Can we get a straight anwser with a concrete date as to when the Firmware will be available? also where on the site will it be for download?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 09.17.2012/3:21 pm

      Hi Joe, the firmware update will be available mid-October and it will be found at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/. Thanks for your patience.

  95. john L 09.17.2012/3:25 pm

    Weather on these seems to be a problem, from what im reading Honeywell was using Googles private weather API and Google quietly shut down there site leaving honeywell at a lost on what to do. I would like to see honey well do something by months end or there gonna have alot of unhappy consumers. Honeywell has videos boasting this feature maybe they should take some time from making videos and fix this issue.

  96. David Meador 09.28.2012/9:06 pm

    I want to access the tuxedo touch remotely for alarm and other z wave devices. The z wave devices are sync’d to the touch. When on the iPad or iPhone, i can access the alarm on Total Connect 2.0, but not the other devices? Why?

    Have you considered Total Connect 3.0 where the app looks like the Tuxedo Screen?

  97. Jen dole 10.04.2012/1:16 pm

    I have read about the updates…. And the website to get the update for the recent weather issue. However, once it’s available, how does my tuxedo touch get that update? Do I have to download it to an SD card? Then insert. I wonder if you could send out a step-by-step guide how to update this to the actual console-once the update is ready. I’m a consumer and as such- I simply use my system as is and would hate to have a technician come out just to update this for me.
    If I do an update… Will I need to re-program my z wave devices?
    Thank you in advance for all the helpful information. I did find answers to many of my other questions by reading the former comments and replies.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 10.04.2012/5:41 pm

      Hi Jen, the software update will be posted on the site and it will provide easy instructions on how to reprogram the unit without the need to call the technician. See the link for an example of the site instructions to download the file and exact it to the SD. (This link is not the new firmware) http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html
      This update will not affect Z-Wave devices already programmed. However as a good practice, it is always recommended to learn how to reprogram the Z-Wave devices by watching the training videos built-in to the Tuxedo. For reenrolling devices, make sure that you perform “delete device” function with each and every device first before “add device”

  98. Adam S 10.10.2012/10:27 pm

    Quick question. We had linked a Schlage lock to the Tuxedo and the lock died. How would I delete it from the controller since it does not even power on. All i can figure out is I have to delete all 20+ devices or rename to “not in use”

    Also maybe we can get way to lock all doors at once? Kind of like the all lights on / all lights off would be nice to hit one button rather then 6…..


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 10.11.2012/10:03 am

      Hi Adam, any missing or “dead” Z-Wave device can be individually removed from the Tuxedo Z-Wave setup screen by selecting the device on the list and press the “Remove Failed Device” button. That is the 4th button from the bottom left of Z-Wave setup screen. It takes about one minute to scan the area and remove the device.

  99. Charles L 10.15.2012/2:45 pm

    How much longer till the weather update for the
    Tuxedo Touches. I’m ready for my weather to work.

    • Joe R 10.15.2012/7:50 pm

      here we are mid october where is the new firmware that was promised ,i too would like for my weather to work

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 10.19.2012/10:34 am

      Hi Joe, it is currently in testing – the weather update will be available by 11/1. Thanks for your patience.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 10.19.2012/10:35 am

      Hi Charles, it is currently in testing – the weather update will be available by 11/1. Thanks for your patience.

    • gary c 11.01.2012/7:26 pm

      and still waiting…….Its hard salling somthing that does not do what is claims! I hav e been getting call after call about this and its getting old.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.02.2012/2:00 pm

      Hi Gary and to all those looking for this firmware update. We have just posted it at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html. This software revision has the update for the TUXW and TUXS. The TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS versions of software is still another 2 weeks from being fully tested and available to customers. Our engineering team in NY is bouncing back from the storm, so we lost a few days. Thanks so much for your patience.

    • Mark Elkin 11.02.2012/8:48 am

      The post above says “the weather update will be available Nov 1”, It is now Nov 2 and I do not see it posted.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.02.2012/1:53 pm

      Hi Mark and to all those looking for this firmware update. We have just posted it at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html. This software revision has the update for the TUXW and TUXS. The TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS versions of software is still another 2 weeks from being fully tested and available to customers. Our engineering team in NY is bouncing back from the storm, so we lost a few days. Thanks so much for your patience.

    • Mark Elkin 11.02.2012/8:51 am

      I hope the update will support Canadian postal codes, display of Canadian city names and ability to display all temperatures in Celcius, the last firmware only displayed Celcius for the current temperature and then used Farenheight for the max/min for the day.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.02.2012/1:51 pm

      Hi Mark, yes it does.

    • Mark Elkin 11.03.2012/8:50 am

      Hi David,

      The link you provide still points to Firmware posted in June, where is the latest firmware?


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.03.2012/9:09 am

      Hi Mark, it is at that link – http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html . Please try it again. It is possible you need to clear your computer’s cache. Thanks.

  100. Sorin S. 10.15.2012/3:58 pm

    I’m still waiting for z-wave support through Total Connect 2.0. When will this happen for the Tuxedo?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 10.19.2012/10:54 am

      Hi, our engineering team is working on it and it is a high priority. There is no release date yet, but we will announce as we get closer. Thanks.

  101. Scott D 10.28.2012/10:42 pm

    Is there a way to set up z-wave lighting to go on with activation (trip) of an alarm? I did not see the capability to set up a scene for this. It seems like it would be a common request from a security standpoint but just can’t find the setup. Thanks

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 10.31.2012/12:24 pm

      Hi Scott, this capability is scheduled to be added to the automation mode later next year. Thanks for the question.

  102. john L 11.01.2012/8:59 am

    so where is the weather Firmware that was suppose to be released today. people have been very patient. can you post a link today.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.02.2012/2:05 pm

      Hi John and to all those looking for this firmware update. We have just posted it at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html. This software revision has the update for the TUXW and TUXS. The TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS versions of software is still another 2 weeks from being fully tested and available to customers. Our engineering team in NY is bouncing back from the storm, so we lost a few days. Thanks so much for your patience.

  103. Joe R 11.01.2012/1:23 pm

    David Gottlieb,

    you stated mid October that the weather Firmware would be released on 11-1-2012. ive gone to the link and there is not a new firmware yet? first you said mid October then in Mid october you said it was being tested and would be realeased today, from the comments above i am not the only one who is waiting for this firmware so we can have the feature work.

    • john L 11.01.2012/1:29 pm

      Looks like were getting the silent treatment and there hoping the consumer will go away. I too have been waiting for the weathr to be fixed. Im sure everyone who spent a small fortune would like for the feature to work. if you search the internet they still brag about this feature, maybe in the future I will steer away from anything honeywell and go with another brand. Anyone else fell the same??

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.02.2012/2:09 pm

      John, sorry for the delay. We have just posted it at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html. This software revision has the update for the TUXW and TUXS. The TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS versions of software is still another 2 weeks from being fully tested and available to customers. Our engineering team in NY is bouncing back from the storm, so we lost a few days. Thanks so much for your patience.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.02.2012/2:04 pm

      Hi Joe and to all those looking for this firmware update. We have just posted it at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html. This software revision has the update for the TUXW and TUXS. The TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS versions of software is still another 2 weeks from being fully tested and available to customers. Our engineering team in NY is bouncing back from the storm, so we lost a few days. Thanks so much for your patience.

  104. C. Bilodeau 11.01.2012/1:49 pm

    Hi David, is the update still going to be released today? And will it include both the wired & wireless versions? Also, do you have some kind of beta program where we could test upcoming releases? Thanks.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.02.2012/2:03 pm

      Hi, we have just posted it at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html. This software revision has the update for the TUXW and TUXS. The TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS versions of software is still another 2 weeks from being fully tested and available to customers. Our engineering team in NY is bouncing back from the storm, so we lost a few days. Thanks so much for your patience.

  105. James Anderson 11.01.2012/6:11 pm

    Well, Today is 11/01. Weather update not showing in tuxedo toolkit.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.02.2012/2:01 pm

      Hi James and to all those looking for this firmware update. We have just posted it at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html. This software revision has the update for the TUXW and TUXS. The TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS versions of software is still another 2 weeks from being fully tested and available to customers. Our engineering team in NY is bouncing back from the storm, so we lost a few days. Thanks so much for your patience.

  106. Bob M 11.01.2012/7:28 pm

    From August we were told September in September we were told October in October we were told November here were are in November are you going to tell us December now. I believe a lot of people on here have been very patient but my patients for this release is running thin. We want the weather fix on these keypads. Where is your response to this David Gottlieb?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.02.2012/1:59 pm

      Hi Bob and to all those looking for this firmware update. We have just posted it at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html. This software revision has the update for the TUXW and TUXS. The TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS versions of software is still another 2 weeks from being fully tested and available to customers. Our engineering team in NY is bouncing back from the storm, so we lost a few days. Thanks so much for your patience.

  107. Henry O 11.02.2012/8:40 am

    I saw you said the firmware update for the weather fix was going to be out yesterday… Has there been a change and when can we expect to see it? Thanks

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.02.2012/1:56 pm

      Submitted on 2012/11/02 at 1:24 pm | In reply to Jake S..
      Hi Henry and to all those looking for this firmware update. We have just posted it at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html. This software revision has the update for the TUXW and TUXS. The TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS versions of software is still another 2 weeks from being fully tested and available to customers. Our engineering team in NY is bouncing back from the storm, so we lost a few days. Thanks so much for your patience.

  108. Jake S. 11.02.2012/12:46 pm

    Hello, is there an update on the firmware that fixes the weather that was communicated to release on 11/1? Thanks!

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.02.2012/1:24 pm

      Hi Jake and to all those looking for this firmware update. We have just posted it at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-software-updates.html. This software revision has the update for the TUXW and TUXS. The TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS versions of software is still another 2 weeks from being fully tested and available to customers. Our engineering team in NY is bouncing back from the storm, so we lost a few days. Thanks so much for your patience.

  109. Adam S 11.02.2012/3:18 pm

    Just updated my tuxedo and weather is back but no other upgrades, so it only took 2.5 months to make that happen my question is what it the life expectancy of the LCD backlight on this unit? Will it still work when you are able to push out the other promised improvements in what i estimate will be 3-5 yrs at the rate we are going? Cant say I am thrilled with the 2 grand we dropped into the new alarm system. No total connect 2.0, no real programmable thermostat control (scenes don’t count). I really had high hopes for this system but so far all i have is a semi functional concept…

  110. Bob M 11.03.2012/8:41 am

    I have the TUXWIFIW , I guess I’m one of the unfortunate ones that will have to wait. David you said two weeks can you pot a solid date as to when we need to look for the release, also my prayers go out and hope everyone in the east coast can bounce back rather quickly.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.03.2012/9:11 am

      Thanks so much Bob. I will check again with our engineering team on Monday and get back to you.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.05.2012/8:20 am

      Hi Bob, I don’t have a firm date yet. We will keep you posted.

  111. Mark Elkin 11.03.2012/9:53 am

    Hi David, please ignore my previosu post – I have downloaded and installed the latest firmware but I am very dissatisfied with it – you promised that we would have the option of displaying weather on the main screen in celcius for us Canadians and that is not the case – only Farenheight temperatures are diplayed. Will this be corrected in future updates?


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.05.2012/6:54 am

      Hi Mark, Celsius is supported with the new firmware update. To select Celsius, from Home screen press SETUP and then DISPLAY_&_SOUND_SETUP. The new firmware also provides sunrise/sunset time triggers for automation scenes.

    • Troy N 03.19.2013/6:28 pm

      Hi David. I have a brand new TUXWIFI with updated firmware. I am not seeing a sunrise/sunset option as an scene trigger. This was scheduled for Q2 2012 according to the posts. Where can I find this gem of a feature? Thanks.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 03.20.2013/8:50 am

      Hi Troy, this feature is in the non-wifi Tux, but is not yet on the WIFI Tux. It is scheduled to be in the next fireware release.

  112. gary c 11.05.2012/12:57 pm

    David, I installed the new firmware and I am now having zwave problems. A handful od devices (that worked with zero problems) are now poping up with lost errors. I talked with a few others people and they are saying are having problems with their zwave devices. Has your team heard of this yet?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.06.2012/1:53 am

      Hi Gary, the upgrade is designed to preserve all previous z-wave and camera settings. However, it is difficult to guarantee every version of Tuxedo in the field will not need to update its devices.
      If Z-Wave devices are not working properly after the upgrade, we recommend that you manually REMOVE the “not working” devices and then ENROLL them back in the list. Thanks.

  113. Joe 11.11.2012/10:17 am

    any news as to when the release for the weather fix is going to be for TUXWIFIW. it was stated on here two weeks after the other realease

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.13.2012/1:47 pm

      Hi Joe, it is not available yet but we expect to have a Beta release available shortly.

  114. Scott Nipps 11.12.2012/7:53 pm


    Could you highlight the differences between Total Connect vs Xfinity vs Nexia? I have customers interested in them all. It’s difficult to pick a clear winner. I see TC as a winner from a monitoring/dealer stand point and Nexia as a novel DIY solution.

    Thanks! Scott

  115. Adrian Eckenrod 11.13.2012/10:11 am

    Is there anyway to program additional user codes in a Yale zwave lock from the Tuxedo’s zwave controller? Obviously I can program user codes directly on the Yale lock, but what if a user wants to program a temporary code remotely to give someone short term access?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.13.2012/11:37 am

      Hi Adrian, Tuxedo cannot currently setup user codes in locks. Thanks for the question.

  116. Adrian Eckenrod 11.13.2012/12:24 pm

    Am I correct that this can be accomplished with the subscription based Total Connect 2.0 though? The ability to remotely add a user and code with access to the security system and Yale zwave lock.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.13.2012/2:36 pm

      Adrian, this an be done with a LYNX 5100 and a Total Connect account. It is the LYNX 5100 that would set the user code in the lock.

  117. Claude Bilodeau 11.15.2012/12:14 pm

    Hi David,
    This is a long shot, but would it be possible to obtain some documentation on how “voice.hdr” is packaged? This file seems to contain all of the wave files used by the tuxedo touch. It will probably not be possible to register more sounds but at least i’ll be able to replace some existing ones.

  118. Bob M 11.18.2012/8:32 am

    November 18th and a still nothing on the weather fix. No concrete date just a bunch of beating around the bush, how can the software be so different from the TUX. Should have been release fairly quickly or at the same time. All that needed that needed to be changed was the website address it has t go to to get weather updates .

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.20.2012/6:42 am

      Hi Bob, it was posted yesterday. You can find it at http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-WiFi-software-updates.html

    • joe 11.20.2012/10:33 am

      Ive gone to the link that was posted by you and it still states the realease date as 6-18-2012. There is no update on that link, can you please clarify your statement of the update released on 11-19-2012.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.20.2012/1:50 pm

      Hi Joe, can you please try it again because the page is updated with the new update. The old page may be in your pc cache. Thx.

  119. Marc M 11.18.2012/9:00 pm

    I have installed Aeon Labs Door/Window Sensor (Z wave) it associated with no issues however it is listed as Light and does not relate when the sensor is open or closed. The purpose of the sensor is for me to see if a door is open or closed. How can the Tuxedo be able to show this ?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.20.2012/6:45 am

      Hi Marc, the Tuxedo Touch does not support Z-Wave devices that incorporate sensors.

  120. Marc M 11.18.2012/9:01 pm

    Does the tuxedo have the ability to email or text via a scene condition?

    Thank you.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.20.2012/6:46 am

      Hi Marc, the Tuxedo does not currently have that capability.

  121. Rob Chadwick 11.19.2012/8:32 am

    The current version for the Tuxedo Touch is 4.1.16R (Beta). I don’t really want to upgrade any customers with a Beta version just to find out that during Beta testing that I need to go back and update software again. Can you tell me if the non-Beta version is going to be available any time soon.

  122. Marc M 11.20.2012/11:04 am

    Will the Tuxedo be able to work with the Evolve LFM-20 – 20A Z-Wave Relay Fixture Module

  123. Henry O 11.20.2012/1:04 pm

    Do you have any idea when the green energy application will be available for the touch? Also will this have to be used with the E-mon submeter or will it be able to be used with something like aeon labs energy monitor?

  124. Marc M 11.26.2012/5:00 pm

    Does the Tuxedo have the capabilities of including two Z Wave Kwikset door locks on the z wave network at the same time?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.26.2012/6:05 pm

      Yes, you just need to label them differently. Thanks for the question.

  125. Charles L 11.27.2012/10:35 pm

    Happy to have my weather back!!! Is their a possibility in future updates that you will be able to do different color backgrounds or custom pic backgrounds on the tux?

  126. corey 11.27.2012/11:54 pm


    Do you have a firm date on when my customers will be able to control their automation in the tuexedo from the total connect app.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.28.2012/6:48 pm

      Hi Corey, not an exact date but it is scheduled for Q2 2013.

  127. Adam S 12.03.2012/1:54 pm

    After updating none of the scenes triggered by timers are working. I have deleted and recreated them however they just never trigger. Example, start 11pm end 6 am, action toggle switch to on… .Nothing happens @ 11pm.


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 12.04.2012/5:02 pm

      Hi Adam, please check the clock in Tuxedo after the firmware update to make the sure the time is accurate.

  128. James Anderson 12.06.2012/10:47 am

    Hi Dave,
    When total connect access to the tuxedo touch becomes available in 2013, will it just require a firmware update, or will current owners of the tuxedo touch keypads need to replace them? Thanks for your time and answering questions here.

    • Doug Marshall 12.28.2012/12:03 am

      Hi James,

      It’s my understanding that the Tuxedo-wifi will support a firmware update for total connect support when released in q2.

  129. Sterling G 12.08.2012/6:44 pm

    I downloaded the update and installed it as instructed. My weather started working but only worked for a few days.. I’m not getting any errors other than lists my city as Unkown city now…. I’ve re entered the zip code and still no weather…

    • John 12.09.2012/2:55 am

      I am also having the same problem.

  130. John 12.17.2012/11:17 am

    Any idea when a new release that fixes remote URL for iphone access to the wifi Tuxedo keypad?

    • Claude Bilodeau 01.03.2013/9:30 am

      One thing you can do to work around this issue is to make a configuration change in your router. You have to create a forwarding rule that will forward port 80 to the port 60xx of your Tuxedo keypad. Of course, you need to make sure you don’t already have a rule on port 80 on your router.

      This way, you can access your Tuxedo keypad from outside your house (with your external IP or your DDNS if you have one configured).

      It won’t work from inside your house since your router won’t forward internal packets.

      Note that the limitation to access the keypad from your iphone is a limitation of your web browser and not the Tuxedo keypad. You can try installing another web browser on your iphone. I’m personally using Chrome on my Android device if it works well.

    • Marc M 01.10.2013/1:58 pm

      In utilizing the work around I have found that this works well and you hav the ability to switch GUI themes when on the network (on homes Wifi) however when not on the network (homes Wifi) the user interface losses all of its graphic and there is no place that allows for switching to a differnt theme. Again, this is only when outside the home network. I have tried both using apple safari and google chrome browser with the same results. When viewing one a non mobile device (laptop or desktop) the GUI works perfectly.

      Thank you for your assistance.

  131. John 01.03.2013/2:51 pm


    I already have the port forwarding working fine but the issue is that after remote authentication the URL that is referenced is not correct causing incorrect rendering. I overcome this by closing the browser and relaunching it with “external ip address:port/mobile/mobileview.htm” which works fine. The problem is that initially after authentication I get “external ip address:port/authenticated/mobileview.htm” which does not render correctly. This problem did not occur before the beta weather release was applied.

  132. Todd Simmons 01.05.2013/8:16 am

    In the TechNote released in March Axis Cameras were listed as supported. I purchased four Axis cameras (from the supported list) at a cost of almost $800 per camera. I am getting no video with the Tuxedo Touch keypad. I entered them in manually, by specifying the IP address of the camera, used the correct user name and password for the camera (verified it by connecting directly to the camera and logging in), verified that the camera had the latest firmware, verified that the Tuxedo touch had the latest firmware, set the camera to factory default and used the rtsp path axis-media/media.amp and all I see on the Tuxedo Touch is a black screen for the camera. Can you point me to a document which discusses configuration of Axis cameras. I read that they were tested internally at Honeywell so I would imagine you have the secret instructions 🙂

  133. Fahd Yassine 01.06.2013/1:07 pm

    I’ve noticed that the admin has not answered the question about the LFM-20 relay..will it work with the tuxedo or not ? this is a very important device cause it is practically the only z-wave relay on the market

  134. John 01.08.2013/11:43 am


    Any ETA on a non beta software release for the Tuxedo WiFi keypad?


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 01.22.2013/8:28 pm

      Hi John, it is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2013. Thanks and sorry for the delayed response.

  135. Market Source 01.16.2013/8:18 pm

    Can anyone confirm that the Tuxedo Touch is compatible with the Z-stat thermostat from 2gig? I need a compatible Z-wave thermostat that works off of batteries since I have radiant heating and only two wires for my thermostat red and white.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 01.17.2013/5:23 pm

      Hi , we have not evaluated this thermostat, so we can’t comment for compatibility

    • Market Source 01.21.2013/10:56 am

      I’m thinking that I need to use the CT100 for a z-wave thermostat since I need a unit that uses batteries for HVAC power. Are there any other Thermostats with battery power with know compatibility with Tuxedo Touch?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 01.21.2013/3:19 pm

      Hi, we have not evaluated battery operated thermostats with Tuxedo Touch.

  136. Jordan Silverstein 01.22.2013/2:49 pm

    Is there any way to get a notification when Total Connect Automation will be available for the Tuxedo Touch Wifi?

  137. Devesh Batra 01.24.2013/3:31 pm

    Ok, i got the trane thermostat registered and working with the panel

    Appreciate a response on the Z-Wave control via TotalConnect web & mobile apps

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 01.24.2013/6:04 pm

      Hi Devesh, that feature is scheduled for the second quarter of 2013. Thanks.

  138. James Anderson 02.05.2013/7:58 pm

    Hi David,
    Any answers to my question posted above. Also, anyone elses tuxedo touch weather showing sunny skies on the screen when it is 8pm at night? It will not show sunny skies during the day. I thought that maybe the clocks am/pm setting was reversed, however that was not the problem. The temperature does show correct.

  139. Jim M 02.23.2013/8:41 pm

    I see there is a new release for the Tuxedo Controller, anybody install it yet? I hope this fixes the access to the controller from the iphone, running 6.1.2. Thanks.

    • John 02.27.2013/3:40 pm

      Applied the update last night and the controller now works as it should with both my iphone and ipad.

  140. Hendre Bezuidenhout 02.25.2013/11:26 pm

    Hi David,

    Can you please have in the next firmware release the possibility to change the weather to other countries and zip codes, Tuxedo is not just used in the US…

  141. Hendre Bezuidenhout 02.25.2013/11:43 pm

    Hi David,

    Last year you mentioned that Q3/Q4 2012 there would have been made provision to use zwave Sensors, any update on when Sensors will be included in the configuration?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 03.17.2013/6:04 pm

      Hi Hendre, right now there are no specific plans to support Z-Wave sensors.

  142. Jim M 03.04.2013/2:53 pm

    Thanks Jon. Agreed, I can now access the controller from my iphone. I did notice that a dimmer switch isnt acting right. It sems to have disappeared from the actual controller, from the automation tab. I can still see the switch from the iphone, and I can still control the dimmer switch from the iphone. Let me rephrase that, I can controller the dimmer module, and what I mean is the light on the module turns on/off as it is suppsed to. Funny thing is the actaul light doesn’t turn on or off. I tried to delete the dimmer switch from the controller. for whatever reason it wont delete. I tried resetting the controller. I guess I’ll be calling in to support tomorrw.

  143. John 03.10.2013/11:29 pm

    Any chance you will add email or SMS alerting to the built in web server?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 03.11.2013/5:58 pm

      Hi John, thanks for your input. I will pass this on to the product team.

  144. John Hitchner 03.20.2013/6:54 pm

    I just purchased the TuwW keypad non wifi version and everything works great except I can’t get the weather forecast to download.I tried the latest revision of the software which is 4.1.22R which was released Jan.2013 and still same issue.

  145. garychance 03.22.2013/6:58 pm

    Do you know if anytime soon you will be adding the ability to change camera setting futures on TC2.XX? I have noticed that if you view a camera live and something causes the camera to record, it changes the setting to the lowest fps and resolution. Sometimes it will change back after a while but more times than not I need to power cycle the camera via the tuxedo.

  146. Mike Corwin 03.24.2013/8:46 pm

    Do all tuxedo models now come with a sunrise/sunset feature supporting scenes?

    • garychance 03.25.2013/1:24 pm

      Only the tuxw has that setting. the WiFi does not have that yet. I could not get it to work on my wired tux for some reason

  147. Tom Eisenman 04.06.2013/2:25 pm

    I am having an issue similar to a user previously. I have a Tuxedo Touch (Wired) and a Trendnet TV-IP252P, updated the firmware on the TV-IP252P to 1.1.1 Build 80, and also updated the firmware on the Tuxedo to latest 4.1.22R I connect the camera and can connect to it with the included software, but when scanning with the Tuxedo it does not find it. I also have tried manually entering the info/IP but it still does not find the mac address. I see above you sent another user an updated .ptf file, which seemed to have resolved his issue. Can you please let me know if that would possibly resolve the issue I am having. Thanks

  148. Tom Eisenman 04.06.2013/11:13 pm

    Ok, I enabled UPnP on the camera and now when I do a scan it does find the IP, but it does not find the mac address. Can you please let me know if there is anything else I need to do? Thanks

  149. Tom Eisenman 04.07.2013/1:37 am

    Ok, finally got it working. Looks like it doesn’t have to have the mac address showing to work. I updated the RTSP Path to mpeg4 (no / before it) and now the camera is working.

  150. Sterling G 04.12.2013/1:18 pm

    As of today weather is broken again. It shows unkown city with my zip code entered in. I installed the firmware update from a few months ago, and I’m probably being picky but instead of showing High and Low temps for the day it showed High and High and then showed both temps. When is the next firmware update scheduled? I realize that this is probably a very small profit product from the Honeywell line but so far the lack of support is really concerning. I’m glad I’m not a reseller.

  151. Jonathan C 04.14.2013/1:15 pm

    Do you know when tc2 will be able to control the tuxedo

  152. jim neumann 04.14.2013/9:32 pm

    just installed tux for upgrade to alarm and for z wave, have used z wave for 6 years with Homseer soft ware and homepro devices–have 23 nodes and 15 events (scenes). not able to get tux to enroll devices even one only 5 feet away from tux. was told to remote the tux with 12 volt power and go to each device. I use kitchen light for on/off morning and evening–that uses 4 scenes just for this one light. have tried to use timer to turn on at 5 am for 2 hours and on sunset off midnight–no luck
    was really hoping to use tux for scenes but not working out.
    any help would be appreciated.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 04.18.2013/10:53 am

      Hi Jim, first thing to do with already installed zwave devices is to “un-enroll” them from the previous controller and then enroll them to Tuxedo. otherwise the devices themselves won’t enroll properly.

      The other method is to keep all the devices with the current controller, configure Tuxedo as a secondary controller and add it to the current controller. That should allow the current controller transfer all the devices to Tuxedo.

  153. Terrance M. 05.01.2013/2:20 am

    had the 6280i installed and as i see it’s not able to communicate with all of its functions in total connect 2.0 as mentioned on the video for the tuxedo 6280i. i seen it’s release in the the 2Q, the 6280i was installed today 4/30, my reason for this upgrade was for the remote access. im calling my alarm dealer for the lynx 5100. im trying to figure out which system is better.

  154. Aaron Bauder 05.03.2013/10:30 pm

    Hey David. I’ve read this blog from beginning to end. Quite the job you have keeping everyone in the loop! I Just purchased a house that has Prestige 2.0 thermostat. I will purchase the gateway to use remote settings of my HVAC system. I am thinking of buying the tuxedo for Remote video camera viewing and also z wave lights, locks, blinds, etc…… I would like to stay away from paying a monthly fee for this service. I’m sure you’ve answered this before, but is that possible? to view Video cameras remotely etc…. without paying monthly? Thanks in advance!

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 05.07.2013/8:03 am

      Hi Aaron, There is certainly no issue with remote access to control any of the zwave devices that Tuxedo supports. For a list of supported zwave devices, visit http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/dealer-materials.html/. Tuxedo also supports a list of other manufacturer IP cameras that are easily remote viewable on their own. Follow the camera’s user manual to setup remote viewing. The above site has a list of compatible IP cameras for reference, however not every one of those cameras are compatible with iPads and Android devices for remote viewing.

  155. John G. 05.22.2013/2:12 pm

    David, thank you for this blog. I work with a builder than installs the Honeywell Prestige line of thermostats and their customers really like them. However they are very disappointed when I tell them for a setback tied to the security system their only option is to junk the system for the last century appearing Honeywell z wave stat. Is there any ETA on support for your own companies premier thermostat line? NOt trying to be difficult but this is an embarrassing issue for me, and by extension Honeywell.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 05.23.2013/8:57 am

      Thanks, we appreciate your comment. There is no ETA, but watch for continued updates to Tuxedo Touch in the future.

  156. Jason Lee 05.23.2013/5:17 pm

    I have the 6280I model using a hardwired ethernet connection. For some reason it keeps losing its IP connection and the only way to get it back is to reset the keypad but then it loses the connection again after 10 minutes or so. Are there any settings that could be affecting this? My router works perfectly fine with everything else its connected to.


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 05.24.2013/11:55 am

      Hi Jason, there is nothing in the setting that can cause the network connection to drop from a hardwire connection. Try troubleshooting it from a wiring standpoint and check ip address conflicts. Also, move the unit next to the router and use a different cat5 plug into a different router port.

  157. Jason Lee 05.24.2013/5:21 pm


    Thanks for the reply. You are correct that it was indeed a wiring issue.

  158. Brian Guild 05.30.2013/10:21 pm

    Hi David, as we are about to enter the last month of calendar Q2 2013, is there any update on the new version or update for total connect which will allow control of zwave on Tuxedo Touch? Will this be an update to the Tuxedo Touch and the TC 2.0 app for Android/iPhone? Thanks, Brian

  159. Tim Bulger 06.10.2013/10:34 pm

    Why did my Tuxedo Touch stopped running its scenes?

  160. Pete Cintorino 06.13.2013/5:46 pm

    Hi David, been reading all the msgs here and still not clear about remote access to the TuxW. Is Total Connect service always required? Or can it be bypassed if a static IP is setup, or with DDNS service. And if so can the TC app still be used on a smart phone?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.14.2013/11:34 am

      Hi Pete, Tuxedo has a web server that supports remote access via a static IP or DDNS. A new version of Tuxedo will be released soon to support Total Connect, in addition to the existing web server control. Either one or both can be used at the same installation.

  161. Bill Kouchis 06.23.2013/4:30 pm

    Hi David,
    Very informative forum, thanks for all the info provided and to the readers for all of the interesting questions.

    I have a TUXW that I finally got around to installing on my Demo system. It is not the wi-fi version. The original software version is 4-1-03R and I just downloaded the current software version of 4.1.22R. I am planning to upgrade it later today. I am using it with a V20P v9.12 with a TC2 GSMX.

    I have 2 questions,

    1. I cannot seem to connect to the weather and it will not update my city when I enter th zipcode. From what I have been reading, I assume the software revision upgrade will fix that.

    2. In the ALARMNET account setup, there is an option to add “Tuxedo Automation” and it asks for the MAC and CRC. I found the MAC but where do I find the CRC? It doesn’t seem to be plainly labeled on the box or on the unit that I can see and without that info, it won’t let me complete the automation process or registration with ALARMNET without both pieces of information.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.24.2013/3:38 pm

      Hi Bill,

      Rev 4.1.22R will restore weather on TUXW. Please double check to see if Tux is connected to the internet and the Cat5 wiring is making good connection to the router.
      TUXW will not be firmware upgradable to support TC. Only TUXWIFIW can be upgraded when the firmware is released.


  162. Bill Kouchis 06.24.2013/7:00 pm

    Thank you David for your quick response.. The firmware update fixed it the weather.

    I port forwarded from my outside static IP address and I am able to connect to my TUXW. I haven’t enrolled any z-wave devices yet but will I have full control from my galaxy S3 while outside? It looks like I can access the zwave section. I cannot use a thermostat here as we have a 2-speed unit but I have a customer that can use the honeeywell zwave thermostat and would like to access his remotely. would that be possible as well as accessing outlets and switches while accessing the tuxedo by port forwarding?

    I look forward to your response.


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.25.2013/7:31 pm

      Hi Bill – yes, this is a standard feature for Tuxedo’s built-in web server that supports local and remote access with port forwarding. All Z-Wave devices shown on Tuxedo can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, or TV’s with browsers. Any major brand browser can access it with no apps to install. Just bookmark the page with you external IP on your phone.

  163. Paul S 06.25.2013/2:01 pm


    Could you explain your last comment, “TUXW will not be firmware upgradable to support TC. Only TUXWIFIW can be upgraded when the firmware is released.”

    Are you saying the automation control using Total Connect with the Tuxedo is only going to be available for the WIFI version, now and forever? Will there be another means to upgrade the firmware for the non-wireless version of the Tuxedo Touch?


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.25.2013/7:34 pm

      Hi Paul, Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi units installed in the field are upgradeable with new software to take advantage of Total Connect remote services. The wired Ethernet versions of Tuxedo Touch (TUXW and TUXS) have a different hardware platform, and cannot be upgraded with new software. Those units need to be replaced if you need to upgrade them to work with Total Connect. All new production of wired and Wi-Fi versions are Total Connect ready. If you have additional questions on this, please contact your Honeywell District Sales Manager for more information.

  164. Devesh Batra 06.27.2013/12:34 pm

    Any ETA on when we can download the new Firmware for the Tuxedo Wi-Fi to enable ZWAVE integration into Total connect ? Saw the demo recently in NY at a trade show.. can’t wait to use it

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.30.2013/7:13 pm

      Hi, our apologies for the delay. The update is more complicated than previous updates and we tested many iterations of the process to make it as simple as possible for dealers. We appreciate your patience and rest assured that the update process will be posted on the Tuxedo Touch Toolkit very soon.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 07.01.2013/9:54 am

      Hi Devesh, the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi Total Connect software update is now live on the toolkit: http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-WiFi-software-updates.html

  165. John Hitchner 06.30.2013/11:20 pm

    For some reason my tuxedo touch keeps losing my device,I have a GE zwave outlet and everyday I have to keep rebooting the tuxedo touch to get it to find it again.

  166. Devesh Batra 07.01.2013/2:09 pm



    Will install tonight
    Do i need to call my alarm provider to make any changes to Total Connect portal for the iPhone app to work?

  167. Jonathan Hermann 07.08.2013/6:23 pm

    New to the tux and automation portion of it, but my question deals with zwave light switches and locks. Will the tuxedo automatically update the status (on/off) of the light switch and/or lock if it is manually activated?

  168. John Sedlock 07.10.2013/12:47 am

    Hi David,

    I just upgraded my tux wifi to the newest version of the firmware. I no longer can login to the device using port forwarding, the page loads but the login just keeps reloading the page. This was fine before the firmware update. I have changed and completely deleted the user names and re-added them but no luck. Any ideas?

  169. Chris Bell 07.11.2013/8:23 pm

    So I installed the new tuxedo touch software 6/28/13 for my Tuxedo Touch Wifi. I have a zwave yale lock on an entry door that I would like to control remotely via total connect. The automation screen on the keypad can lock and unlock the door. But the total connect 2.0 app and website do not allow me to control the lock with a lock or unlock function. It does however allow me to create a scene and set times to lock or unlock the door but that does not make sense to me. I would like to simply have the lock unlock function available on the total connect app that I have on the keypad. Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 07.14.2013/7:01 pm

      Hi Chris, our engineering team is checking into this. We’ll get back to you soon. Thanks.

  170. ross moore 07.16.2013/10:23 pm

    I have ported my router, upgraded my tux wifi to latest firmware. When i try to access the tux remotely i get a honeywell user name and password screen. When i put the user and pw in that i created it just bounces me right back to the login page. I am pulling out my hair on this and have followed the pdf instructions to a t. Any help would be appreciated

    • Market Source 07.17.2013/6:32 pm

      It sounds like you’re port forwarding may be configured incorrectly. Are you using a DDNS service?

    • Natasha Ramjit 07.19.2013/5:27 pm

      Hi Ross,
      Please note that the previous version of the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi firmware has been added to the toolkit http://qa.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com/Tuxedo-Touch-WiFi-software-updates.html and we are currently working on a solution for the remote login issue.

  171. John Sedlock 07.18.2013/12:37 am

    I have the same problem, maybe a bug in the firmware?

  172. Rich Manfredi 07.22.2013/1:23 pm

    Hello Mr. Gottlieb,

    Any update on availability of a video verification solution utilizing total connect cameras? This is an area where Honeywell is falling behind.

    Also, you hinted over a year ago about a new generation of wireless smoke detectors that would possibly be interconnected for sounding purposes. Any updates on this? Will Honeywell be producing a dual technology (photoelectric PLUS ionization) wireless detector? It is recommended to install both technologies for proper detection of all types of fires.


    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 08.02.2013/11:04 am

      Rich, thanks for your feedback. We can’t get into specifics about our future product development plans. We are proud that we have the broadest portfolio of sensors in the industry, and we’ll continue to introduce new solutions and technologies to meet the needs of our customers.

  173. robert sadowski 08.20.2013/5:58 am

    I am also having the same problem with remote accesses. This has all worked befor the update and now I just keep getting the login page. Any suggestions yet, or a walk around.

  174. Jose 08.20.2013/6:02 pm


    I have the intention to buy a vista 20p with a tuxedo wifi.
    I just installed a new prestige 2.0 thermostat and I would like to control it with tuxedo.
    Is’it possible?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 08.20.2013/6:13 pm

      Hello Jose. Tuxedo does not control the Prestige thermostat. This is a Z-Wave thermostat supported by Tuxedo…
      Thanks for your question.

    • Jose 08.22.2013/8:36 pm

      Thanks for the reply.
      I just bought the prestige 2.0 so I can benefit of all the functions that the thermostat provides. ZWSTAT lacks a lot of features that I need. Do you think that in a near future that there will a module or a firmware update to the tuxedo?


  175. Marc M 10.01.2013/11:01 pm

    After I recently uploaded IOS7 on my iPhone and Ipad the total connect 2.0 is no longer working. It states “you are currently not connected the the internet” this is regardless if I am on wifi or cell. Are other experiencing this issue as well ? Is a update to the app coming?

  176. Charles Leech 10.02.2013/8:29 pm


    I was having the same issue all day today. I called my alarm company and they told me that the total connect servers at Honeywell had crashed last night. I didn’t believe that to be the issue. I tried it again about an hour ago and it’s back up and going so I guess that was the issue. All day long I got the same message you got.


    • Marc Meisel 10.04.2013/8:07 pm

      Thank you. I can now connect without a problem as well. I appreciate your post.

  177. John Moore 10.04.2013/9:54 am

    >Hi David, i was wondering if any updates in the future might have an option that would allow zwave lights to >turn on if the alarm is triggered? it would be nice if you could setup a list of lights to flash or just turn on >encase of an event.

    This question was posted more than a year ago. Also, a question about sunset/sunrise triggers for scenes was posted. Were either of these issue ever addressed / features added please?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 10.04.2013/4:24 pm

      Hi John,
      Sunrise/sunset is available in the firmware update for both Tuxedo and Tuxedo wifi.
      Scenes trigger by alarm is available for in the Tuxedo wifi update.
      Please note that automation scenes are for lifestyle and convenience and should not be used for personal or property protection.

  178. robert 10.11.2013/2:48 pm

    Is there still no fix for the web sever. Still can’t log in from outside of network. Just still keeps going back to login screen.

  179. junior 10.18.2013/1:39 pm

    I have a tuxedo and am wondering if on the app off my phone I can turn off my lights from any where or just from my home ?

  180. Charles L 10.19.2013/7:13 am

    By setting up port forwarding and with
    a static ip entered into the tux you can control
    lights from anywhere. I went on vacation
    and was 700 miles away and was turning
    on lights at my house and confirming they
    came on through my camera system also
    Staticed to my phone through an app.

  181. Clark Miller 10.19.2013/10:27 am

    I purchased an Everspring ST814 termperaure/Humidity Detector that is supposedly z-wave compatible. The tuxcedo touch controller doesn’t recognize it as a temperature sensor, only an on/off switch. I’ve been told by Everspring it is because Honeywell only wants their proprietary brand name products to work with the tuxcedo touch controler. I’m waiting for a responce from Honeywell through the company that sold me the Tuxcedo Touch. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  182. Mehmood A. 10.29.2013/11:10 am

    Hi, Can someone pls tell me which Wireless Routers are Compatible with the “Tuxedo Touch WiFi” keypad? I currently have two Routers (D-Link DIR-655 on 2nd floor and Buffalo N600 on 1st floor)…..the keypad is on the 1st floor near the Buffalo Router. I have setup both Routers to have the SAME Wireless SSID and same password. But when I tried to connect the keypad to the wifi, although I can see 2 instances of my WiFi network (very weak signal for DLink) it can only connect to the Weak Signal of the DLink wifi and just won’t connect to the Buffalo one. I even tried disabling the DLink SSID to test but the keypad just won’t connect to Buffalo router. Do I need to do some config changes or buy another Router?
    Also, is there a way to setup the keypad so it can send you Email/SMS alerts (I already have the Port forwarding done and am able to Arm/Disarm, and control my z-wave devices over internet).
    Please reply ASAP.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 11.01.2013/2:15 pm

      Hi Mehmood, please try the following: turn off the D-Link, disable the Buffalo wifi security temporarily and connect Tuxedo to the Buffalo router. If it works, check the range around the house. put WPA2 security back on the Buffalo and reconnect Tuxedo. If it works, turn the D-Link back on, but change it to a different SSID and WPA2 security key, connect the Tuxedo to the D-link and test.

    • Mehmood A. 11.01.2013/4:06 pm

      Thanks David………I was actually able to finally connect the keypad to my Buffalo Wifi 2 days ago after changing the SSID for D-Link and then connecting the keypad to Buffalo SSID and then setting the DLink SSID back to the same SSID and now everything is working fine.
      Now, the only other question I have is regarding receiving Email/TXT Alerts from the keypad…….if that’s possible.

  183. Charles L 11.03.2013/7:15 pm

    I have a tuxedo touch and I receive text alerts.
    However it is through total connect services through
    alarm net. Don’t think the tuxedo touch alone
    will do text/email. I receive texts to my phone anytime
    my system does anything….

  184. Marc Meisel 11.05.2013/4:38 pm

    Can you connect more than three Tuxedo’s on one system?

  185. Bill Barkwell 11.13.2013/6:46 am

    I recently had the TTouch installed in my home. I immediately started thinking of all the possibilities for Home Automation. In addition to lighting and thermostat options I was interested in temperature, water and garage door sensors additions to be able to create event related actions. But from this Blog it appears that the TTouch ZWave capabilities of this system are limited to lighting and thermostat controls (and cameras which I will not use) – Is this true and if so what is the Road Map for the addition of other sensors and functionality ???

    • Chad Ball 11.19.2013/1:06 am

      Bill, I am having the same issue……i need flood sensors added in my garage as I need to open my garage doors in the case of a river flood. I have read of some people adding a second controller to the tuxedo, but that they have issues of them working well together……let me know if you hear anything. Thanks!

  186. Chad Ball 11.19.2013/1:02 am

    I have a tuxedo and want to add flood sensors that will open my garage doors when triggered (as needs to be done according to flood plain regulations in my area). I don’t currently see this as an option within the controller. Is that a coming addition, or can I add a controller of another company as a secondary (micasaverde vera light, for example) and them work together as a pair to automate my home’s zwave capabilities? Appreciate any input. Thanks

  187. Steve Spiegel 12.08.2013/11:31 am

    A couple of tuxedo and total connect questions.
    1). At CEDIA this year, I was told that a new iPad app would be available (time frame was said to be around 30 days after the convention at the end of September) which would essentially mimic the total connect experience currently only available through a web browser. I have yet to see anything roll out. Any thoughts?

    2). What about the Tuxedo ddns service? For customers who do not have a static ip and do not want to pay what we resell total connect for, a Honeywell branded tuxedo DDNS is a good alternative which would allow us to still have a recurring revenue stream in addition to what we charge for security and fire alarm monitoring (I know there are other ddns services out there, some free, but I cannot resell something that is free).

    3. For a customer who currently has Total Connect 2.0, the compatible Tuxedo, and a DVR, with 8 cameras, is there a way to integrate te cameras and/or DVR With Total connect/tuxedo? I know there is the ACU, but I would imagine that is only a single channel? I could not connect one to the video output of he DVR as a split screen and have a decent picture. Is there another way, or is there an encoder that is compatible with either total connect or the tuxedo that would allow for the customer to view cameras seperately through the interface? Thank you

    • Stanley Gratz 05.01.2015/2:13 pm

      I would like to know if you have any success on connecting the drv camera system mentioned in you letter above. I have just had installed a Hiksystem NVR and 4 ip cameras. They work great using their software on my pc and android phone. Can the cameras also be connected to my Tuxedo. I also have Total Connect 2.0.

      Thank you

  188. Andreas Johansson 12.16.2013/12:08 am

    Hi just got my TUXW up and running last week. Came with the made for TC blue sticker on the box. The weather app does not update correctly. Between Dec 9th and 13th it would not change nor did the refresh button do anything. On the 14th I did get it to update but it stayed the same temp all day and the icon for the weather and time of day (sun, moon, clouds etc) would not change and today it remains the same.

    I believe its all connected to the net because I can turn z wave lights off from my phone TC app.

    Other issue is I have a Radio Thermostat brand Z wave thermostat. The TUXW sees it just fine. I can control the Tstat from my TUXW just fine but I cannot control it from my phone. I can see the thermostat on my phone. It displays inside and outside temp (give correct moon, sun , clouds etc) but if I try to raise or lower the temp it never happens on the t-stat itself.

    Any help appreciated.

  189. Matt Ginther 02.25.2014/10:00 am

    Hi, i have a tuxedo touch WIFI and want to be able to secondarily monitor/control my system when away from the house. I have both tried forwarding the panels ports on my router as well as separately created a home VPN but when trying either solution i can only get to the panels log-in screen while away from the house. I have created several user accounts on the Tux panel and i have also erased all of them thinking it wouldn’t require a log-in but to no avail. I am almost certain the problem is with the panel as i can see it but not log into it, is there some setting i am missing or need to enable to do this? on a side note i can access everything fine on the local WIFI network.

  190. Brian Cantoni 05.22.2014/11:04 am

    Any firmware updates coming? It’s been almost a year.

  191. Tom White 06.25.2014/2:38 am

    Hello, getting tuxedo touch installed in my home – do not see functinality to turn off/on lights at sunrise and sunset?

    Saw this comment in 2012 – reply was that this was going to happenn in 2QR 2012
    Did this happen?

    Marc Evans 01.25.2012/5:37 pm
    Checked out the manual in web tech. Unless I’m missing something , the ability to create a condition of light/dark or sunrise/sunset is not possible! Automating outside lighting is conditioned by sunrise/ sunset. What method does Tuxedo use ? ? It is colorful though.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.25.2014/10:52 am

      Hi Tom – Sunset/sunrise is supported with the latest firmware updates available from http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com. Follow the instructions to download the firmware files to an SD card and update the Tuxedo. The sunset/sunrise options are added to the scene setup in the “time” category.

  192. Don Caton 07.23.2014/10:06 pm

    Just had tuxedo touch installed in our new place of business. Very disappointed to find out that it can only handle 3 thermostats, as we have 4 hvac units and wanted to control them with zwave thermostats so the temp would be lowered when the first person came in, and set higher when the last person left for the day.

    Why the limit of three, and any plans to increase it? This is an expensive unit and we have no use for the bells and whistles that are primarily for residential use.

  193. John Mauro 08.12.2014/12:01 am

    I have installed the tuxedo touch with a Kwikset 910trl Zwave lock in a customers home as well as my own. They both have the current recommended firmware. Lock & Unlock seems to work fine from the tux and remotely. But When a scene is setup to disarm the alarm after unlocking the lock it only disarms the alarm about 50% of the time. Called tech support numerous times. Have excluded and included it right next to the tux. No difference. In my house the lock is 4′ away from the touch.

    Honeywell blames qwikset and qwikset blames honeywell and leaves me with no solutions, 2 expensive unreliable systems and a unhappy customer.

  194. M Poppe 10.30.2014/8:06 pm

    There have been several of us unable to get the zone triggers to work with Zwave events and has caused considerable frustration. I have the Tuxedo WIFI and Vista 21ip…and now how it working.
    Your Installer code (4112) 800
    *91 82
    Now the zone triggers work like a charm!! Enjoy.

  195. Gary Mercer 11.01.2014/4:39 am

    I have the Tuxedo Touch WiFi with software version All my z waver and light switches work perfectly. A friend suggested a Linear GD00Z garage door controller like he has that works fine on his z wave hub. I purchased one. Followed the instructions for pre-enroll sync and all went fine. When I try to enroll the GD00Z my Tuxedo Touch does not see it as a Garage Control but as Entry Control. I tried to enroll it as Entry Control but it will not work the opener.

    My question is Honeywell working on a software update for the Tuxedo Touch that will include Garage Control Z Wave devices?

    • Brian Guild 02.21.2015/9:21 pm

      Gary, I’m in the same boat as you on those Linear zwave Garage Door Openers and Honeywell tech support tells me they are going to support the new zwave classes on the next update. Timing was said to be “March 2015”

  196. Gregory 01.04.2015/10:00 pm

    Hi Happy new year.
    Can i use a DVR to record video from the ip cameras that are connected to the tuxedo vista home system. they will be outside cams,

    Thanks & cheers Gregory.
    PS my work email is Greg.stnfield@justice.vic.gov.au

  197. Fersan A 01.25.2015/9:14 am


    I got the tuxedo with the alarm system for my house but can I control a entry gate thru the tuxedo? In other words can the tuxedo be a door bell and activate the gate with a z-wave switch for example?

    Also I got the Prestige IAQ thermostat because of the ventilation system of my house, but since the prestige doesn’t have the z-wave capability, can it be connected to the tuxedo in a different way?


  198. David Haxton 02.23.2015/6:04 pm

    I have a TUXS that is running version 4.1.09. the current version from Honeywell is 4.4.31L. I am not able to update to this version until I run the other updates no longer available from Honeywell. Can anyone help?

  199. Paul S 03.11.2015/11:50 pm

    I really love the voice command upgrade to the tux, it works well. After the latest upgrade however, it appears I can’t use zones as a trigger in the scene programming. The zones button appears greyed out. Any suggestions? Keep up the good work, the expansion of the number of scenes and the grouping feature is fantastic.

  200. ha nguyen 06.08.2015/6:53 am

    hi i try to install the Trendnet video V-VS1P (Version v1.0R) converter . it is listed compatible , but i could not make it work!!! any one can help please. thank

  201. Gary Mercer 08.02.2015/8:33 am

    I have just updated my Tuxedo Touch to the latest update TUXWIFI_V5.2.19.0_VA.exe
    I installed my Linear GD00Z garage controller and started the process to pair it with the Tuxedo Touch.
    The Tuxedo Touch said that the device was added successfully but is not listed.
    Are there additional steps to get the Linear GD00Z to pair and show up on my automation devices?

  202. Gary Mercer 08.02.2015/9:13 am

    After updating my Tuxedo Touch to the TUXWIFI_V5.2.19.0_VA I would pair the Linear GD00Z.
    It would say successfully added each time but would not show on the automation screen.
    On the 11th attempt at pairing, the garage door finally showed up on the automation screen.
    So far. . . it’s working great.
    I may even try adding another Linear GD00Z for the other garage door now.

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