What’s Your View of Video Look-in?

Dean Mason by Dean Mason | 01.17.2012

Video look-in is a key component of the emerging video services market.  We are all consumers in a very video-centric world.  Many of us use a variety of devices to view various forms of video on a daily basis.  We navigate through powerful forms of interactive video without even the thought of thumbing through a manual. Whether it’s streaming movies, news, YouTube, video chats, or video look-in, there is a common consumer must have….easy to use.

 A video interface (GUI) must be intuitive, while delivering advanced features that consumers demand.  We were very conscious of these expectations when we introduced Total Connect Video Services.  Our video viewer was designed to allow user interaction without a learning curve.  We also applied an emphasis on cosmetic appeal.  The viewer design is as important as delivering smooth, streaming video.

We are now introducing our 2nd generation Total Connect Video viewer.  The new video viewer module design takes full advantage of Total Connect 2.0’s interactive dashboard. A film-strip style layout allows auto-preview of all cameras within the video services account.  Streaming video is then a click away by selecting the desired camera image.  Another convenient feature of our new video viewer is the ability to stream video outside of the Total Connect dashboard.  Simply select streaming of one or more cameras and you can view video directly from the PC desktop.

Please check out our new Total Connect video viewer in this 30 second spot.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here…