Burglaries Are Up…

David Gottlieb (Admin) by David Gottlieb (Admin) | 02.21.2012

On Long Island, NY where our headquarters is located, Newsday reported a startling fact on the front cover of yesterday’s paper. There are a rising number of burglaries of homes and businesses, even when most major categories of crime have decreased. Are you seeing this in your area? 

Honeywell Security Group’s president Ron Rothman was also featured in this Newsday issue, discussing the latest in security technology.  Of course, this is technology that can help address the rising number of burglaries.


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  1. Nick Markowitz Jr. 02.21.2012/7:19 pm

    Very strange almost a similar pattern that followed the depression although there where major criminals like Dillinger etc major crime it self was way down.
    How ever the burglaries on rise seem to be hitting everywhere this time not just the big city due to the fact many are being committed to steal copper pipes etc for scrap. money. there are enough slob junk yards out there that ask no questions.

  2. Shana Cooper 02.23.2012/2:45 pm

    Its a good thing the security industry is being lead by Honeywell with the best security options available than ever before in history.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 02.23.2012/5:46 pm

      Shana, thank you so much for your kind words and support!

  3. Richard Schindler 02.23.2012/4:40 pm

    We have been in the alarm business since 1987 selling and installing one manufacture
    HONEYWELL “Its quality and technology will keep it ahead of the pack”.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 02.23.2012/5:44 pm

      Thank you Richard. We very much appreciate your business!

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