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Chris Welling by Chris Welling | 02.28.2012

A big security technology trend is the proliferation of mobile devices.


Although our core business is electronic security and communications, today it’s about a lot more than just …. Security. It’s the era of the “connected” building and “connectivity”. I recently wrote an article for Canadian Property Management on the latest connected building developments. You can click here to view the pdf. 


What trends are you noticing in your area?



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  1. Nick Markowitz Jr, 02.28.2012/4:35 pm

    I service the Institutional, commercial and Industrial sector small family run corporations 100 or less employees with 1-6 sites and Total connect has been a great seller to this group so they can keep an eye on there multiple plant and warehouse sites
    with comings and goings on , plus there homes. Plus being able to notify personnel when needed to handle problems .
    The big thing now is lighting and energy control for all sites as well to keep costs down. as well as installation of energy efficient equipment . plus IP phone services to keep down toll calls between plants as well.

    • Chris Welling 03.01.2012/11:12 am

      Nick, thank you for the feedback.

  2. Paul Ingram 04.20.2012/6:21 am

    Chris, great article!
    Ever plan on something similar that geared towards the residential market?

  3. Chris Welling 04.20.2012/2:48 pm

    Hi Paul,
    Honeywell’s Total Connect remote services, coupled with ZWave devices installed in the home, can perform many similar, and convenient, functions. And Honeywell will continue to add products and services to serve the growing “Connected Home” and “Connected Building” markets.

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