Discover a New Way to Increase Sales

Jason Lutz by Jason Lutz | 02.06.2012

Do you have 30-45 minutes to sharpen your skills and make more money?  If you do, then read on…

I am often told that one of the biggest challenges in the alarm industry is educating sales staff.  How do you train new sales staff that may not come from the security industry? How do you keep your current sales force up to date on the latest technologies or improve their closing rate?

Discover Online Learning has classes for new and seasoned security professionals.

And that’s why whenever I meet with alarm dealers, I am always excited to tell them about Discover Online Learning. Discover has learning modules covering the latest technology innovations in addition to over 100 sales focused modules from the sales experts of Richardson Sales, programs such as Consultative Selling, Six Critical Skills, and Sales Coaching. For every new sales rep, I suggest Honeywell Alarm Basics, Six Sales Steps Residential, and A Guide to Increasing Content on Every Sales Call. These three classes build a nice foundation for the goals of security and how to convey its value to home and business owners.

For your existing sales teams, I always encourage taking modules on the latest technologies such as Total Connect™ Sales in conjunction with A Guide to Increasing Content on Every Sales Call and Referrals The Smart Way. These modules arm your sales team with something new to offer existing customers and how to look for additional opportunities to grow sales.

ADS Security and Modern Systems, Inc are two companies that see the value in Discover Online Learning. “ADS Security has utilized the Discover Learning site as an integral part of our sales training program for several years. All ADS sales consultants are required to take a variety of the Honeywell on-line training courses to help them sharpen their sales skills as well as their product knowledge. The on-line courses are designed to improve the performance of sales consultants of all levels and ADS will continue to take advantage of this excellent resource, ” explains Tom Szell -Senior Vice President/Sales and Marketing for ADS Security.

“Almost daily one of my reps will say something positive about what they’ve learned from Discover. I would encourage both seasoned professionals and new hires to take full advantage of this high quality training,” explains  David Morris , president of Modern Systems, Inc.

Industry veterans as well as new sales representatives need additional training to keep their technical knowledge and sales skills sharp. A good friend of mine once explained it to me this way; “If every year the best football players in the world have to go to training camp and refresh their basic skills, then shouldn’t we?”

If you agree then sign on and register to start the learning.