Educating Users About the Tuxedo Touch

Rob Puric by Rob Puric | 02.09.2012

Our how-to videos show users all the great ways to use the Tuxedo Touch.

Since we announced the Tuxedo Touch, we’ve received overwhelming interest from dealers and consumers. This is exciting because it shows that people really are looking for this type of technology to improve their lives. As I mentioned in my earlier post, the built-in web server is really unique since it lets you control Tuxedo Touch with ANY Internet connected device.  Take a look at the quick video below, which demonstrates how the built-in web server works, through step-by-step instructions on how to connect an iPad or Android tablet to Tuxedo Touch.

When we were developing Tuxedo Touch, we wanted to make sure that the user experience would be extremely positive. From the start, we wanted the consumer to use the full capabilities of the system. So we created a series of “how-to” videos like this one.  They can be played right in the unit to demonstrate each important feature and all of these videos are also on The Security Channel and our YouTube channel. We’ll feature the other videos on this blog over the coming weeks. 

If YouTube is blocked, you can view it here.

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