3 Ways to Enhance Business with The Security Channel

Angela Remmert by Angela Remmert | 02.15.2012

Are you using the free videos on The Security Channel?

Statistics show that video improves online visibility and drives more action. If you want to add video to the mix, where do you start? You can spend money and time working with an ad agency or you can use the free videos on The Security Channel. If like most companies, you have limited marketing resources, this can help you in a big way.

At www.thesecuritychannel.com, there are 100+ videos that you can use to enhance your web sites, conduct training and liven up sales presentations. If you’ve never tried it, I wanted to show you three reasons why you should use these FREE videos and also share thoughts from two dealers who are using the videos to help generate sales.

  1. EMBED

On The Security Channel, you can select any video you like and embed it on your web site. Kim Proctor, CEO of Protective Systems Inc. in Seattle is a power user of  these videos and he often embeds them on his site. “PSI has been posting The Security Channel videos to YouTube, the PSI website, and security blog. We also link them from our Facebook page and Twitter profile. We appreciate the availability of the free videos – without this service it would be impractical to create this important source of telling our story.”  Here’s how Kim promotes a  Total Connect™ video.

  1. SHARE

From Blogger to Twitter, you can post our videos to your social media sites with the click of a button. Dial One Security in Cincinnati recently added a blog to their marketing plan. And when they did, they put The Security Channel videos to work. Let’s hear from John Lindberg, Dial One’s president. “The blog is a great way to build community and market the Dial One Security brand. The Security Channel makes adding the videos to our blog easy.” Take a look at Dial One’s blog. 


Every one of the videos are now optimized for download on Apple’s iPad.  More and more sales consultants are using iPads for presentations and by incorporating video you really get your customer’s attention. In fact, the newest video on LYNX Touch and Total Connect was produced with this thought in mind. Check out this video to see what I mean-LYNX Touch and Total Connect.

So there you have it- Three easy ways to get started with video. And the best part is it doesn’t cost a thing. If you’re already taking advantage of The Security Channel, please let me know. I’d be interested in getting your thoughts so we can make sure we continue to produce videos that help you and your business.