One Stop Spot: Tuxedo Touch™ Toolkit

Natasha Ramjit by Natasha Ramjit | 02.20.2012

Don’t you hate when you’re looking for a nice image of a product for a marketing piece that could help explain to end-users the wide array of benefits of, let’s say the Tuxedo Touch, and you have no idea where to look or who to contact to get you what you need?  That’s where the new Tuxedo Touch Dealer Toolkit  comes in.  

This is just one of many images you can find at

Now, all of the marketing information you need to sell this innovative new product is available in one place.  The toolkit includes the latest news, dealer and end-user brochures, embeddable videos and high resolution imagery.  Continually updated, you can be assured that the Tuxedo Touch Toolkit will have the most current information available.

And don’t forget to take advantage of our other great toolkits featuring cool options such as embeddable flash demos. And, the Total Connect™ and LYNX Touch toolkits also have a feature that allows you to embed graphic icons on your website that link to our consumer websites. This gives you the opportunity to leverage the cool sites we’ve created as a sales tool…all at no cost to you.  

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