How Have Cloud Services Impacted Your Business?

John Smith by John Smith | 03.19.2012

What plans do you have to move to cloud-based services in your organization?

They’re not the fluffy white things in the sky. These days, when someone says “cloud,” almost everyone thinks of IT and cloud computing. Most of us don’t realize how entrenched the cloud has become within our businesses and how it impacts us each day. They say the cloud’s everywhere, whether we see it or not.

So I decided to put that theory to the test and look at how many cloud-based services I actually use at Honeywell on a daily basis. Honeywell has realized the business efficiencies that can be gained as a result of cloud-based services such as IT, telephone, Internet and email. Our HR, payroll and health benefits systems are in the cloud. So are our conferencing, travel planning, expenses and training, sales tracking and quotation tools.

Small Businesses Benefit from the Cloud
In the past, we couldn’t do our jobs if our computers went down because all of our data was stored locally. Now our computers are merely the conduit to the information that is available to us via the cloud. It stands to reason that Honeywell, a company with more than 100,000 employees in offices in virtually every country across the globe, needs to have a cloud delivery system to be able to reach all of its employees. But you could also claim that smaller businesses require the same level of functionality in order to fulfill their needs—to reach out to employees, reduce operating costs, improve access to information, increase productivity, and generally improve the overall flow of communications.

 The U.S. Small Business Administration recently wrote a blog post highlighting the benefits of cloud computing as a way for small businesses to save money, reduce costs, enhance uptime and increase productivity—all in line with what we’re seeing within larger organizations like Honeywell.

One of the areas that would seem obvious for cloud-based services is security. When it comes to providing security in the cloud, I see that the market is starting to change and more organizations are beginning to adopt the technology. I believe that’s because people don’t want to be tied down to their desks anymore and want to be able to access their information over the web or their mobile devices.

We’ve been successfully offering a cloud service for over five years with our Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services, and now we’re rolling out the MAXPRO® Cloud hosted video services—a new service that will let users store and access their security video anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection. If you’d like a preview, come visit us at ISC West in Las Vegas on March 28-30 to see how it works.

So as I close, I’ll leave you with these questions to ponder: What services does your business use in the cloud? How has the cloud impacted your productivity and operating expenses? What plans do you have to move to cloud-based services in your organization? Let us know what you think…