Guest Post: Dazzle Your Prospects with Cool Stuff

Russ Ackerman by Russ Ackerman | 03.14.2012

Are you dazzling your prospects with the LYNX Touch features?

Russ Ackerman is the sales director for Certified/Vector Security in Jacksonville, Florida. Since he began his security career in 1986, he has trained hundreds of successful sales consultants and managers.

I have read many times that the definition of a sale is to “find a need and fill it”. Well, that’s pretty much true, but not completely.  We all buy things that we do not need, but we want.  You see if you want something bad enough you will usually figure out a reason to get it.  My new smart phone has some really cool apps on it that I do not need, but I use every day.

Now how does this relate to what we do every day?  Every sales consultant on every presentation needs to know how to dazzle the prospect he/she is sitting across from with new technology.  At Certified Security, we have been offering our customers the new LYNX Touch for about five months now.  With over 25 years in the business, I believe that this technology is letting us dazzle our customers because it is giving us a cool product that people want.

In the video below, our new customer says the demonstration of the LYNX Touch was the determining factor for purchasing the system.  That’s the ticket baby!  That’s how you sell something that they want and did not know that they needed.  After she saw the awesome presentation, she had to have it.

If you can’t view the video on YouTube, click here.

Remember there is a difference between telling and selling.  Telling someone about benefits and features is one thing, but selling benefits and features is entirely different. There is not enough space in this blog to go into all the differences between telling and selling but here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Before you can sell this new technology, you need to know the benefits and features (all of them).
  • Know which of these features will relate to the prospect.
  • Now get excited.  Enthusiasm sells!
  • Use word pictures to describe how your prospect will benefit from the features.
  • Use a live working demo on your presentation to allow the prospect to use the system before they sign on the dotted line.

Every sales consultant in our company does a complete two-way voice demo, with the LYNX Touch demo kit, on every sales presentation.  We have made the LYNX Touch our “go to” system.  When the prospect actually can hold the product in their hand and touch the screen to arm and disarm the system, it will almost sell itself. 

Since we have trained all of our consultants on the LYNX Touch, our closing percentage has increased, our RMR has increased, and we’re selling more additional equipment. LYNX Touch puts us way ahead of the competition.

How are you dazzling your prospects with new technology?