Honeywell IP Challenge for Our Dealers

Shannon Wilson by Shannon Wilson | 03.20.2012

We’ve been seeing a shift in the security industry from analog to IP, but along with that comes a little bit of fear from our dealers about IP. Maybe they think it’s hard to set up; it’s too complicated; they don’t know the IP address of the camera, or they’re just not sure how to do it. We were really sensitive to all those concerns and have simplified the process with our new network video recorder and performance IP cameras.

We’re saying it’s 3 clicks to live video, and it’s true. To prove it, we set up the Honeywell IP Challenge at one of our ADI locations to let our dealers try it for themselves. We knew that once they tried it, they would see that it really is possible—and easy—to get live video in three clicks.

Take a look at this short video that shows the dealers in action.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.


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  1. Nick Markowitz Jr, 03.20.2012/5:01 pm

    Until the cost of IP Cameras and NVR’s come down to that of analog most dealers are not going to touch IP or send people for training and tools/analyzers they need. Many dealers are going to have to be brought kicking and screaming into the new digital world and they do not want to invest in it . sad but True.

  2. Shannon Wilson 03.21.2012/5:35 pm

    Thanks for your comment Nick.

    There are dealers who will want to wait until the bitter end to make the transition from analog to IP – and we respect that. But at the same time, we do have a chunk of dealers who are ready – so we have an offering for them. The dealers who are making the switch are doing it because their end users are demanding HD images and installing, configuring and using IP systems is becoming easier.

    With HD, end users are demanding images they can’t get with an analog system. Specifically, these are end users who are demanding a clear, crisp picture when the image is zoomed – one that doesn’t get fuzzy or blurred so they have proper identification.

    And let’s be honest – IP systems have traditionally NOT been easy to install and configure. With our new MAXPRO NVR family – it truly is 3-clicks to live video. With an easy-to-use install wizard, the system discovers IP cameras, assigns an IP address and shows live video. Making it a lot like setting up an analog system.

    So yes – some will make the transition slowly. But just like we have seen the consumer industry make the transition to HD, we will see the same for the security industry. It will take time, but there are dealers out there who have already made the switch.

  3. Nick Markowitz Jr, 03.21.2012/8:14 pm

    I have been using IP since it has been out and no big deal for me I have an IT back round my biggest problem is dealing with too many IT dept .heads who do not want you connecting to there networks in this case I just run new wires and my own network and they have nothing to say about it.
    This rift between integrators and IT depts. we also need to solve .There are too many of these old IT dinosaurs who see us as intruders. Far from the truth when I see just how poorly some networks are ,maintained I can see why we pose such a threat to them and there jobs.

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