Dress Up Your Installed Base and Grow Your RMR

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 03.12.2012

You can easily retrofit Tuxedo Touch to literally millions of existing VISTA installations.

Okay,  so you’re taking over an account or you’re trying to retain existing business. What can you do to win or keep that customer?  Good news!  You can easily retrofit Tuxedo Touch to literally “millions” (with an “m”) of existing VISTA installations. 

That’s correct.  Tuxedo Touch installs using the same 4-wire (ECP) connection found on Honeywell hardwired keypads.  And when you use the new Wi-Fi version (TUXWIFIW/TUXWIFIS) available this April, you don’t even need to pull a CAT5 wire! Now you can offer a sleek color touchscreen with IP camera capability, tablet/smartphone control, weather info and Z-Wave® integration on every retrofit opportunity.

Excellent Growth Opportunities
Consider offering simple energy management or add a lighting/locking solution to drive even more sales; the opportunities are everywhere when you have a product as versatile as the Tuxedo Touch.  The best part is you do not need additional security hardware to make it work.  Just connect the Tuxedo and you’re done!

What will your customers say when you tell them you’re keeping them safe and saving energy every time they arm/away? What will be their reaction when they realize they can monitor up to four local cameras right on the touchscreen, on their mobile devices or even right on their TV sets?  You brought the “cool” factor back to their homes, grown or retained your RMR and got a stickier customer to boot.