Innovation Bridges the Smart TV with Tuxedo Touch

Eric Oh by Eric Oh | 03.07.2012

As the engineering manager for Tuxedo Touch, I am excited to be bringing you a series of posts that show the range of this new and innovative home controller.

Parents can check on their kids playing in the yard without getting up from the couch.

One of the great features of Tuxedo Touch is that it is designed to provide full control to smart TVs around the house and any connected browser based device outside of the house, all without having to add any other equipment. Tuxedo’s web server is the technology, integrating it to drive Smart TVs, settop boxes, smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Applications Are Endless
With Tuxedo’s built-in web server, it’s easy to use the smart TV’s web browser to do so many things. Your customers can use the bedroom TV to check security system status before going to sleep, see who is at the front door on a living room TV, and press the TV remote to unlock the door without getting off the couch! They can even watch the kids play in the backyard from a kitchen TV while preparing meals and change the temperature in the home theater before starting the movie. All this can be done simply by clicking one simple bookmark setup to connect to Tuxedo web server’s IP address shown on the homescreen. In fact, your customers can setup a few bookmarks as shortcuts to open up multiple browsers to see and control different things. Imagine the excitement in your customer’s eyes when you explain all these conveniences!

Do You Need an App for That?
People may still ask, “Where’s the app?” With Tuxedo Touch, you don’t need one. No worries to get different apps for an iPad, Android phone and Smart TV. No hassle to look for the latest apps to access the latest feature matching the system. Everything is provided instantly through Tuxedo’s intelligent web server. It knows if the device is a mobile phone that requires a reformatted GUI to fit a smart screen and reduce content to load faster over a cellular network for remote access. It streams video to standard browsers without the need to install add-ons. All the consumer has to do is type in the IP address and press GO. Now that’s convenience and innovation.

Have you seen the Tuxedo Touch in action? What other applications can you think of for your customers?