Real-World Demonstration Could Have Saved Lives

Pat French by Pat French | 03.13.2012

What you’re seeing in the below video is a demonstration of our new WIN-PAK SE/PE 3.0 that I conducted at the Honeywell Security Group 2012 sales kickoff meeting, with help from senior customer marketing manager Erica Morris. It’s a self-explanatory demonstration of the added features of the new system.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

What you’re not seeing in this video is what was happening in the real world while we filmed this. Although it was sunny in Orlando on that day, our office in Louisville was experiencing severe weather. When we pulled up the live video of the parking lot outside our Louisville office during the demonstration, we could see the sky was dark and stormy. What was more disconcerting, however, was when we switched the camera view to pull live feed from inside the offices, there was no one to be seen—everyone in the building was taking shelter during a tornado warning!

When we saw that, it reminded me of one of the great features of WIN-PAK integrated with NetAXS. If the cameras had shown us anyone outside the building who needed to take shelter, we could have unlocked all the exterior doors and given immediate access to those people—even from our vantage point of more than 800 miles away.

So while we were demonstrating a typical scenario of what a real-world application might be, it gives me peace of mind to know that WIN-PAK could also have been used to handle an unforeseen event and provide a solution to what could have been a life-threatening situation.