Compatibility: A Technical FAQ for Security Dealers

Brad Conely by Brad Conely | 04.12.2012

Do you know what devices are compatible with Honeywell control panels?

Honeywell control panels have many different types of compatible devices. Today we will break down one of the more common questions we are asked in the technical department to help you to better understand which devices are compatible with the panels that Honeywell has to offer.

Residential Hardwire Expansion
Residential panels such as the VISTA-15P and VISTA-20P come standard with 6, 8 or 15 zones out of the box. Often additional zones are needed for a system. So what would be the options to increase zone capability on a residential system? The residential panels hard wire expansion uses a simple 4-wire connection to the ECP, Enhanced Console Protocol, bus. There are a couple of modules that are available for hardwire expansion. There is the 4219 which offers 8 zones and the 4229 that offers 8 zones plus 2 relays. In reference to relays, you are also able to connect the 4204 relay module to these panels. This module is used for programmable outputs (relays) for LEDs or sounders. These modules are uniquely addressed to the panel. If you are unsure of how to address the expander, check the installation instructions for the module and the panel you are wiring it to.

Commercial V-Plex “Hardwire” Expansion
Commercial panels like the VISTA-50P, VISTA-128BPT/250BPT, VISTA-128BP/250BP and VISTA-128FBP/250FBP have a patented 2-wire powered data loop called a V-Plex loop. V-Plex offers cost efficient advantages over conventional 4-wire installations. It provides expansion of devices and point identification to the alarm panel over a pair of wires. It practically eliminates the need for power supplies making it not only easier but also cheaper to install as well. The V-Plex devices are addressed to the panel by a unique serial number or set of dip switches on each device. There are several different models of zone expanders that can be used on the V-Plex loop. They range anywhere from a single zone expander to an 8 zone expansion module. For example, the 4208SN 8 zone expander, 4209U 4 zone expander, and the 4193SN a 2 zone expander. Today we use serial number polling for speed advantages and point identification. For a retro fit on the older legacy Honeywell panels that use a dip switch V-Plex loop, a 4208U can be utilized. It can utilize the serial numbers for modern commercial panels or dip switch mode for the older style panels.

Wireless Expansion
Honeywell’s field-proven 5800 series wireless technology provides the most reliable, convenient and cost- effective solutions for security protection. Our wireless devices consist of 5816 door contacts, 5853 glass breaks, 5800PIR Passive Infrared motions detector, 5897 Duel Tec motion sensors, and 5834 key fob remotes. For the most part, wireless expansion is the same on the residential panels and commercial panels. Both product lines support the 5800 series wireless receivers which wire to the ECP bus and are addressed to the control panel. The residential panels only handle one receiver on the panel. The commercial panels can handle two receivers total on the system. There are a few different types of RF expanders for the Honeywell product line. There are stand alone receivers like the 5881 and transceivers such as the 5883. There are also keypads with built in 5800 series transceivers. The 6160RF and 6150RF are the two styles of RF keypads that Honeywell has to offer. RF keypads are labor saving and cost effective since they include a keypad and transceiver on a single 4 conductor. To help with coverage on larger installations both commercial and residential panels can use the 5800RP. There is no limit to the number of repeaters that can be put on the system, however they only repeat the 5800 series device signal.

Keypad Compatibility
Honeywell offers a wide variety of keypads that are compatible on the residential and commercial panels. Keypads wire to the ECP bus and must be addressed uniquely to operate on each specific control panel. The AUI, Advanced User Interface, or touch screen keypad, such as the 6280, offer graphical interface and menu driven fields to simplify operation of the system. There are also standard keypads such as the 6160, 2 line full English alpha display, and 6150 fixed English display. Honeywell offers voice annunciation on a variety of keypads. The 6280 and 6160V have voice that will actually annunciate zone information and system status to the homeowner. For commercial fire applications, Honeywell offers the 6160CR-2. This keypad is red in color and has features built in for use on commercial fire installations.

I hope this will provide clarity when choosing which expansion modules are compatible on the variety of Honeywell panels. If you are a dealer and would like more information on the Honeywell product line, sign up for the Discover classes or our instructor led online Webinar classes to expand your knowledge.