Cloud Services – The Green Choice

John Smith by John Smith | 04.25.2012

A walk through the Louisville warehouse proves that Cloud technology can help the earth too.

Last week I happened to be walking through my warehouse when I noticed a dumpster full of Microsoft Windows 95 software getting ready to be thrown out and I had an epiphany (a fancy way of saying a-ha). As I stood and stared at the pile of software, I thought “No wonder software is always so expensive, considering how companies had to buy and maintain a licensed copy for every computer.” In a company like Honeywell, one can only imagine how expensive a proposition it became: having to purchase and manage all of the licensing, but also keeping the physical software on hand in case we ever needed to reinstall or were audited. How many of you can relate to purchasing multiple copies of software, only to have to throw them away later?

CIOs Are Making the Investment in Cloud Computing
Fortunately the times have changed, and most software is no longer delivered to companies by the cartload anymore.  More and more, companies are starting to leverage cloud-based services to meet their software requirements. According to a recent survey from IDG Enterprise on cloud computing, 1,682 CIOs were surveyed and 63% planned to increase their budget allocation for cloud computing initiatives in the next 12 months. The cloud can be seen as a source of infinite resources available on short notice and delivery, which offers great economy of scale by being able to deliver globally with little IT expertise or support. In addition, upgrades and security patches can all be delivered in real-time, helping ensure that users always have the latest functionality, which enables high scalability and flexibility. And because the underlying IT infrastructure is managed by the cloud provider, this helps lower costs considerably.

This month, Honeywell launched MAXPRO® Cloud, a cloud-based solution that allows users to access their video anytime, anywhere without having to install or maintain software. It also offers dealers opportunities for recurring monthly revenue while reducing their installation time because there’s no software to install. Automatic updates provide users with the latest features as soon as they are available and improves the service value and profitability for dealers by not having to roll out a truck to update all of their sites. Check out the video on YouTube and get more information about the product here.

So I’m thinking maybe our new slogan should be “Get Cloud, Save a Tree.”  What do you think?