Coax CCTV Cable Faceoff

Dan Dunar by Dan Dunar | 05.14.2012

Who will win the battle? You decide.

Today we anxiously await the matchup between two RG59 cables vying for your next analog CCTV installation.

RG59 with Bare Copper Braid

In one corner, our reigning champion- traditional RG59! Wearing a bare copper (BC) braid to shield from harmful electromagnetic interference (EMI), this proven performer promises to leverage his efficiently low DC resistance to go the distance (750 feet)!

RG59 with Copper Clad Aluminum Braid

And now the challenger. He bears a striking resemblance to the champ, but his sleek, light weight copper clad aluminum (CCA) braid saves you money while delivering the same protection from EMI and supporting quality video performance for a full 600 feet.

 Our analysts have been running simulations and crunching the numbers. Let’s take a look at how these two fighters stack up.


Fighter Statistics

RG59 w/

BC Braid

RG59 w/

CCA Braid

Center Conductor

20 AWG Bare Copper

DC Resistance (Center Conductor)

10.9 Ω/Mft

Max. Transmission Distance

750 ft.

600 ft.

DC Resistance (Braid)

5.51 Ω/Mft

8.25 Ω/Mft





This could be a close one! RG59 with BC braid has a slight 150 ft. transmission distance advantage, but the cost savings of RG59 with CCA braid for shorter runs seems too good to ignore. Before we get this battle under way, let’s turn to you, our loyal readers. Let us know- on your next analog CCTV install, which RG59 will be in your corner?

Not ready to place your bets? Check out this side by side electrical comparison:

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