Five New Sales Tools In Literature XPress

Elizabeth Ferguson by Elizabeth Ferguson | 05.21.2012

Whether you are looking for an informative end-user brochure on a new Honeywell product or an eye-catching poster for your office, Literature XPress offers a wealth of options.  Literature XPress is a popular online service that lets you quickly and easily personalize professionally designed marketing materials with your company logo, address and contact information.  Check out these great new sales tools recently added to the site!

Use this new brochure to communicate the benefits of Tuxedo Touch.

Tuxedo Touch Brochures
Introduce customers to the Tuxedo Touch Color Graphic Touchscreen Keypad and Home/Business Controller.  This device functions as a home or business automation controller, video viewer, digital picture frame and security system keypad all in one.
These brochures are in the Residential and Commercial categories under Intrusion – Brochures.
6280 Graphic Touchscreen Keypad Sell Sheets
Highlight the many benefits of Honeywell’s vibrant graphic touchscreen keypad.  The keypad lets your customers control their security systems with ease—with intuitive icons guiding them through operation. It even doubles as a digital picture frame and video viewer, with a high resolution display that shows off their images in eye-popping detail.
The sell sheets are in the Residential and Commercial categories under Intrusion – Sell Sheets. 
Wireless Outdoor Protection Brochure
This brochure highlights Honeywell’s 5816OD Wireless Outdoor Contact.  This contact keeps your customers aware of what’s going on around the exterior of their home or business while creating a safer environment.
The brochure is in the Residential and Commercial categories under Intrusion – Brochures.

5802WXT Personal Panic Transmitter Bill Stuffer
This useful bill stuffer gives your customers information about Honeywell’s personal panic transmitter.  The compact pendant can be worn in a variety of styles and can be custom-programmed to send signals to the police, fire department or medical response personnel when an alarm is triggered.
Find it in the Residential category under Intrusion – MISC.

Tuxedo Touch Poster
The 2 foot x 3 foot poster highlights the vivid touchscreen and benefits of the Tuxedo Touch.  It’s a great poster to display at shows or even in your office!
The poster is in the Residential category under Intrusion – Posters. 

PLUS…New Tuxedo Touch photography can be found on Promo Builder, a part of Literature XPress that lets you create your own literature using templates and images we’ve supplied.  Here, you’ll also find Tuxedo Touch content in Spanish and Portuguese.

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