Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes

Angela Remmert by Angela Remmert | 05.23.2012

At this year's award ceremony, Ed Minicozzi Jr. (left) and Stephen Minicozzi (right) honor Police Officer Garside.

As we unwind with family and friends this Memorial Day weekend, we take the time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice: the heroes who lost their lives serving our country. For some, this reverence is more than a yearly tradition, but a strong belief that honoring heroes past and present is just the right thing to do.

In 2010, General Security, a Long Island based-company, started a Hometown Heroes program in their community. Each year, they recognize an individual or team who risked their lives to save others.

In business for over 45 years, General Security has believed in community service since its inception. From years of dedicated fire service to serving on the board of countless charities, Ed Minicozzi, Sr., the company’s founder, was committed to giving back. He has instilled this quality in his two sons, Ed Jr. and Stephen Minicozzi. Sadly, Ed Sr. passed away on May 10, 2011. To honor his memory, his sons, who now run General Security, renamed the award the Ed Minicozzi, Sr. Life Safety Award. 

Ed Minicozzi, Sr.

I was fortunate to attend this year’s award ceremony, where they recognized James Garside, a Suffolk County police officer who saved three lives. Remarkably, these three separate incidents occurred over a time span of just two weeks. In accepting the award, he dedicated it to his two grandfathers who served in the Army during World War II. General Security also donates $1,000 to the charity selected by each award recipient. Police Officer Garside chose the Wounded Warrior Project as his charity, an organization that is dedicated to honoring and empowering wounded service members.

As you think about what Memorial Day means to you, take a few minutes to watch the video below and you’ll understand why these events mean so much to General Security.

If YouTube is blocked, view the video here.