Security Can Be a Dog’s Best Friend

Angela Remmert by Angela Remmert | 05.09.2012

From a dog to a cat lover, pet owners will love the technology you provide to keep their companions safe.

Whether they like them small or tall, furry or feathered, animal lovers are a unique breed. From May 6-12, the United States is celebrating National Pet Week when these humans will be celebrating the animals they consider family.

In my early days at ADEMCO, I wrote brochure copy that addressed the objection, “I have a dog, I don’t need a security system.” Now it seems the roles are reversed. Homeowners are looking for security systems to protect their animals. Whether it’s to shield them from fire, CO poisoning or even look in on them from work, today’s pet owners are interested in the security solutions you can provide.

So what can Honeywell offer you to present to these 72.9 million homes that have pets? Our wireless pet immune sensors have been providing pet owners with interior protection since 1998. Then, the technology had pet immunity up to 40lbs. Today, our IS2500 Series ups the detection with selectable immunity for animals weighing up to 80lbs. Our CO and smoke detectors offer life-saving benefits and our outdoor contact can be placed on a gate to notify the owner if a gate is left open. With environmental sensors, you can even alert them to a low temperature or flood so they can ensure a safe environment.

ADS Security Protects Pets Across the Southeast
ADS Security understands what pet owners are looking for from a security company.  In fact, they’ve created a program around it. It’s called ADS Pet Alert & Watch Systems (PAWS).  And, they’ve even designed a whole microsite for PAWS. According to Kristin Milner, ADS’s marketing manager, the Nashville-based company designed the program to keep pets safe in the home when owners are away. The program monitors smoke and CO levels and the monitoring center also keeps pet profiles on file for those who want to give additional info to help emergency workers remove pets safely in an emergency. In addition, they also have distributed hundreds of PAWS rescue decals across the Southeast, which are available to all pet owners within their service area.

One of the most popular parts of the program is Honeywell Total Connect, which they market as pet cams. From the road or at the office, these animal lovers can check in and actually see their loved ones, whenever they like. If you haven’t seen it already, take a minute to watch our video below. You can embed it on your web site or YouTube channel to reach the pet owners in your area.

If YouTube is blocked, watch it here.

So the next time you hear Fido barking at your prospect’s front door, don’t forget to mention what you can do to protect him from harm.  And it wouldn’t hurt to keep a couple of dog biscuits in your pocket for backup!

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