Quicker Responses with QR Codes

Jason Lutz by Jason Lutz | 05.01.2012

With a QR code on the bottom of this ad, dealers can get more Tuxedo Touch information in an instant.

While attending ISC West, I was amazed by how many exhibitors and attendees used QR Codes in their literature, booth signage, and badges. In case you’re wondering, a QR Code aka “Quick Response Code” is a uniquely designed squiggly bar code image that will guide the user to the information of your choice. When captured by a smart phone, this sales tool can do anything from help a business track the success of its advertising to provide a quick link to your sales person’s vcard, automatically loading his/her information into a potential client’s contact list. This type of technology will forever change how we manage customer communications.

As new as this technology seemed to me, it’s actually been around for nearly 20 years. In 1994, Toyota invented this multi-directional bar code to track goods through the manufacturing process. In 2010, the use of QR Codes exploded in large part due to the rapid adoption of smartphone technology and applications that allow it to capture bar codes; essentially putting a bar code reader in everyone’s pocket. At Honeywell Security, you can find QR Codes used in specific literature and advertisements for Total Connect, Tuxedo Touch and the Choose Honeywell campaign to name a few.

Dealer Using QR Codes to Measure Results
How can QR Codes help you grow your business? When I asked Dial One Security about their success using QR Codes, Jeff Payne, Director of Marketing gave me some great examples. “Dial One Security uses QR codes to direct people to landing pages on our website. By doing this, we can keep the information on a direct mail piece fairly simple while giving the customer an opportunity to learn more. When they scan the QR code, it will direct them to a landing page that provides specific information about a product or marketing campaign and gives us the ability to track its number of visitors. In this way, we can have a better idea of how successful our direct marketing campaigns are and how many customers we’ve touched. We have also added a QR Code to our yard signs so the friends and neighbors of our customers can immediately find out more about Dial One Security. Since many people don’t understand what a QR Code is or how it works, we added some brief instructions that say, Scan with your smartphone to see what’s in our yard.”

By making keen use of QR Codes, Dial One Security made it easy for their clients to learn about all of their solutions while keeping their marketing materials and messaging on target.

Generating these codes for your business is simple. Websites such as qrstuff.com are free to use and easy to set up. Simply provide the information you want your visitor to see and instantly a QR Code can be generated for a vcard, a website URL, go to a Google Map location, or play a YouTube Video. Jeff Payne also suggested when setting up your QR code, remember it will be scanned by someone with a mobile device so the landing page should be set up in a simplified mobile version so that it can be easily viewed on a smartphone.

QR codes are a great way to get your company noticed, build your brand, and provide information to people interested in your company. How will you use QR Codes in your business?