Two Must-See Seminars at ESX 2012

John Smith by John Smith | 06.13.2012

Simple and advanced – is it really possible for technology to be both? Regardless of whether that concept is truly attainable, it’s becoming the standard expectation for a lot of businesses that have to evaluate every purchasing decision. There’s greater pressure than ever before to make strategic investments that contribute to the proverbial bottom line.

And so, there’s a greater need for technology that’s considered “high-tech,” yet easy-to-use in order to maximize resources and improve efficiency. This is the underlying theme of two presentations Honeywell Security will be giving at ESX 2012.

Using Hosted Services to Sell IP Video
First, on Wednesday, June 27, join me, your ESX Ambassador, where I will present “Using Hosted Services to Sell IP Video” at 9:30 am local time. Hosted services have emerged as an opportunity to help organizations protect their investments while generating long-term RMR, in part because they provide the best affordability, ease of use and advanced enterprise features that were previously unattainable for end-users. Part of this session will also detail technical considerations that can make the installer’s job easier. Check out this video shot at ISC West for a quick preview of what I will discuss.

Transforming Integration from Cost to Cash
After that, market development manager Carlos Lopez-Reyna will present Transforming Integration from Cost to Cash” at 10:45 a.m.. This presentation covers how integrating security with building management systems can translate into savings through energy efficiency. More than that, though, it will address concerns voiced by many who see this type of integration as unnecessarily complex. Recent advances in software development kits, however, can provide more integrators the tools they need to add this type of interoperability to their offerings. For a glimpse at what Carlos will discuss, check out the video below.

These are just two technological advancements that aim to deliver on the concept of advanced, yet simple. What are some other advancements you’ve seen that fit this trend?

To take part in these presentations, register today and we’ll see you in Nashville.