Open the Door to Opportunity

Natasha Ramjit by Natasha Ramjit | 06.20.2012

With one device, users can operate the garage door and security system.

The new 5877 Relay Receiver allows end-users the ability to conveniently open and close their garage doors with the same keyfob used to operate their Honeywell security systems.  No longer do busy homeowners need to go through the hassle of having separate devices to arm/disarm their security system and open/close their garage doors.  And parents gain peace of mind knowing that their children can open or close the garage door from a safe distance instead of using controls mounted next to the door. 

Features that Will Benefit Users and Dealers
As part of Honeywell’s popular 5800 series of wireless devices, the 5877 offers a quick, easy and clean installation. And it offers a few other benefits as well:

  • Up to seven wireless keys can be enrolled into the module for operating any relay-activated device—no codes for end-users to remember
  • Fastest way to add garage door control to any VISTA® or LYNX installation
  • Can be used with Honeywell wireless security systems to show alarm status (LED)
  •  Works with most gates

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