Tuxedo Touch on TV Tonight!

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 06.13.2012

On the set of Good, Better, Best

Tonight check out the Tuxedo Touch on the new DIY Channel show called Good, Better, Best.   The premise of the show involves showcasing multiple solutions to a remodel project, then allowing the homeowner to choose one of three options (hence Good, Better, Best) based on cost, feature set, wow factor, etc.

When I was contacted by the show’s producers, I needed to find a local dealer to get the system installed within a few days. Fortunately, Larry Korff of JM Resources, a First Alert Professional dealer in the greater Philly area, was able to help us out. I drove out to the shoot and met with the producer, the team from JM Resources and Jeff Devlin, the show’s host. Jeff is a real interesting personality. Not only does he have a fantastic screen presence, he’s actually a contractor in real life! He knows and understands new technology and he totally “got” the Tuxedo Touch.

The project involved the complete reconstruction of a traditional Philadelphia row house. The bottom two stories were commercial property and the top two floors were designed as a cool bachelor pad that featured walls of glass, front and rear sundecks and the latest electronic technology, including one heck of a home automation system!  I hope you like the show.

Network – DIY Channel (Part of the HG Network)
Date – Wednesday, June 13
Time EST – 10:00 p.m.