Key Takeaways from ESX

John Smith by John Smith | 07.23.2012

ESX posted the video below on YouTube last week about networking opportunities at the show (that’s me at :25, by the way). It got me thinking about some key observations that are still resonating with me three weeks later – hopefully because they signal the continuance of some important trends that will impact the security industry well into the future..


 In no particular order:


  • Services, services, services – There was a larger number of companies offering additional services. While intrusion has always been the big dog for services, there were more companies offering new services from GPS tracking to Remote Video Monitoring.  As ESX attendees look for new ways to add new services, I expect the trend to continue and get even larger at future events. This is continued validation that it’s no longer enough to only offer equipment if you’re truly looking to differentiate your business.
  • Increase in non-central station customers – This is only an observation based on the customers I spoke with, but more than half do not have their own central stations. These dealers understand that service-based products offer excellent opportunities for recurring monthly revenue. Dealers also see there is a low barrier to entry for most services versus investing in a central station model.
  • It was more crowded – This was my seventh ESX show and I am impressed by how large the show has become.  The attendees were looking for real solutions to help their business and meet their customer needs.  The vendors have grown to offer all sorts of products and services beyond the traditional central station.

The seminars were also very well attended. Here is a quick recap of two Honeywell sessions – one I presented on hosted video services, and another delivered by my colleague, Carlos Lopez-Reyna, on integrated systems.

“Using Hosted Video Services to Sell IP Video” – Dealers are no longer sitting there wondering how to offer video services – now they ask questions about how much they can charge, the return on investment, and future advancements.  Video used to be on the periphery of services, but it has become front and center and dealers are looking for new business opportunities to meet the demands of their customers and to differentiate themselves from their competition. My presentation informed attendees about the added value hosted-video services bring to dealers as a new source of RMR. MAXPRO® Cloud is Honeywell’s solution in this area, and actually took home an ESX Maximum Impact Award from the show as well.

“Transforming Energy Integration from Cost to Cash” – Carlos Lopez-Reyna explained to his sessions’ attendees how business can achieve a return on investment from their security systems through energy efficiency savings. Commercial and industrial buildings consume 40 percent of the total energy produced in the U.S., including 70 percent of all electricity and 55 percent of all natural gas. One of the best ways for facility managers to reduce utility costs is to integrate access and video systems with building automation. For example, full integration allows the security system to be used to engage lighting and HVAC depending on building occupancy, which can increase energy efficiency and lower utility costs.

What were your key takeaways from ESX 2012?