Unlock the Potential of Profusion™

Dan Dunar by Dan Dunar | 07.16.2012

Unlock the potential of Profusion to save time and money.

Although intended to simplify and expedite cable installation for common applications such as access control or multimedia distribution, most bundled cables available today force you to make serious tradeoffs. This prompts the question whether it’s even worth it or if you’d be better off buying and pulling separate cables. Unlock the potential of Profusion™, Honeywell Cable’s innovative technology. It produces unjacketed bundled cables that install easily, preserve electrical integrity, and TRULY save you time and money. Here are some of the benefits of Profusion and where other technologies fall short.

No Overall Jacket
A common way to keep individual cables from separating during installation is to cover them with an overall jacket. When you’re ready to separate the cables, you have to remove long lengths of jacket plastic to expose the individual cables. This adds unnecessary cost to the product and increases installation time. Profusion employs a proprietary cabling technology that keeps cables tightly joined, eliminating the need for an overall jacket. Even around tight corners and obstructions, Profusion bundled cables remain unified.

No Binders or Adhesives
Others have tried to solve the problem of the overall jacket by using binders or adhesives. As temperature and humidity change, materials naturally expand and contract. If cables are physically bonded to each other, their jackets are more likely to develop cracks, which will compromise the integrity of the cables and may lead to system malfunction. Profusion prevents cables from separating without any binders or adhesives; it allows individual cables to undergo natural acclimation without cracking.

Guaranteed Electrical Performance
Particularly important in multimedia distribution, coaxial cables and category cables must adhere to strict standards to ensure that data transmits uncompromised. In many of the more primitive bundling methods, cables undergo stretching and twisting that damages conductors and diminishes electrical performance. What may start out as fully standard compliant cables may end up as a grossly underperforming bundle. Many cable companies only test cables BEFORE they are bundled but not after. How can you know if the final product meets performance specifications if it isn’t tested? Profusion minimizes damage to cables during the bundling process. In addition, they are tested AFTER bundling, which is why Honeywell Cable is able to extend a 100% performance guarantee. We test the cables, so we know that they can do the job.

Bundled cables are supposed to save time and money by allowing you to quickly and effortlessly pull cables and move on to the next job. Why bother with tradeoffs when you don’t have to?

Learn how you can unlock the potential of Profusion access control cables.