The Wi-Fi Connection

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 07.10.2012

Why Wi-Fi® you ask? Well, while we’ve been going on with our lives for the last 15 years, the world has been getting connected to broadband at an astounding rate. And the mass availability of home wireless networks means you can move lots of data without a cable.

Many security dealers are already realizing the positive impact Wi-Fi can have for their businesses. You may have heard that recently Monitronics, a major central station alarm monitoring services provider, began accommodating Wi-Fi IP alarm communications. Monitronics believes that adding the convenience of Wi-Fi to IP alarm communications is the next major step in our industry.

Enter the new LYNX Touch 5100 with Wi-Fi alarm communications.  Now you can take advantage of the “big pipe” in the home without the need to purchase CAT5 cable, drill holes, snake wire and clean up…all the things that prevented you from switching to IP in the first place. Get superfast performance and an even faster installation.   There’s even room in the LYNX Touch 5100 for a 4G cellular back-up in addition to the Wi-Fi.

Why let all that bandwidth go to waste? Are you considering Wi-Fi to add speed and cost savings to your installations?