The Gold Goes to Lost Productivity

John Smith by John Smith | 08.22.2012

While athletes were going for the gold, were your customers losing revenue?

Like many of you, I was hooked on the 2012 London Olympics, but because of the time difference, I had to work during most of the events. While I  could catch the best events at night,  I wanted to see events I was interested in live, plus that meant late nights watching the re-broadcast.  Also, there was nothing worse than seeing a news headline about Gabby Douglas or Michael Phelps winning the Gold medal before I had a chance to see it happen. 

It was like recording the Superbowl and planning on watching it later, only to have someone blab about the outcome. Unless I could cocoon myself from co-workers, customers, internet, radio, news alerts, people on the street, phone calls or any other way I could hear about the outcomes, I had to look for different ways to get my Olympics fix. Of course Honeywell doesn’t allow video streaming and had those sites pretty well locked down (not that I tried in case anyone from Honeywell is reading this). Perhaps my iPad? No wireless connection. Smart phone? No, curse you Blackberry!

How Did the Olympics Impact Your Customers?
Unfortunately I had to wait to get home before I could check out the Olympics, but according to SmartMoney many others had no issue watching the Olympics on their computers or mobile devices at work. SmartMoney estimates that workplace viewing cost U.S. companies $650M in wasted productivity.  Combine that with other productivity killers like March Madness, fantasy football, election coverage, mobile gaming, social networking or more traditional time loss items like coming in late, leaving early, long lunches or breaks, employers are constantly faced with large time and productivity losses in the billions.

So how can business owners curtail this productivity loss? HR and IT policy, restricting web sites, limiting personal smart phone usage are ways employers should be controlling employees. But a bigger problem is business owners can’t be everywhere at once, nor can they watch their employees all the time. 

One way that is gaining traction is through a video surveillance system. While often thought of as a deterrent against theft and vandalism, video surveillance can be used for business owners to keep an eye on their business, even when they are not in the office. A cloud based video system allows users to access their video surveillance from anywhere there is an Internet connection. This means that employers can be in the office or away and still be in touch with what is going on in their business. Surveillance may not reach every corner of their facility, but business owners and managers can use it to quickly identify problems and investigate any potential issues.

Honeywell’s MAXPRO Cloud Hosted Video Service allows users to view their live or recorded video from any Internet connection over a PC  or iPhone/iPad. No software to install, simply log into the MAXPRO Cloud service and instantly see your video from anywhere. Users can view a single location or multiple locations all through a single login id and password. See why MAXPRO Cloud was named SIA Best New Product – Commercial Monitoring Solutions and why it won the ESX Maximum Impact Award for best Security-as-a-Service. Check out for more information.

So now that the London Olympics are over I am going to start honing up on my Russian and planning for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Da-svi-da-niya (Dasvidania)

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