Guest Post: Why SIAC Needs Our Support

Mike Miller by Mike Miller | 08.20.2012

SIAC needs support to help the security industry.

Mike Miller is the President and co-owner of Moon Security Services, Inc. located in Pasco, Washington. Moon Security Services, Inc., a family owned business since 1957, is a full service security company providing services such as patrol, guards, installation, maintenance and monitoring. 

As a past President of ESA from 2008-2010, it has been my privilege to work with a large number of dedicated volunteers and staff who work to improve our industry.  SIAC is just such a group.  SIAC represents the four major alarm associations of North America: CSAA, ESA, CANASA and SIA.  SIAC promotes, monitors and delivers best practices to the industry and law enforcement to lower false dispatches.

As the president of Moon Security, I witnessed firsthand how SIAC had a positive impact on my business. The cities of Spokane and Olympia, WA were going to a non-response policy. I knew this would negatively impact my operations, but I wasn’t sure how to respond. Did I call law enforcement or local government?  No, I called SIAC.  

How SIAC Helps Nationwide
Ron Walters, SIAC Director, traveled to my city and attended a City Council meeting on behalf of the local alarm dealers.  In the end we have two of the best performing ordinances in the country, with 90% reductions in dispatches. Just as important, we ended up establishing a good working relationship with our local police, and this was all done on SIAC’s dime.

SIAC’s mission doesn’t seem important until you get a letter from your local police that they don’t think responding to alarms is necessary. When this happens, having SIAC to call brings an immediate feeling of “I’m not alone” in this battle. Most important is the availability of having SIAC to respond immediately to any threat without ever having to ask for dollars first. This is one case where you should consider this as an investment, not a contribution.

In Washington State, it wasn’t just about my city. There was a trend developing that if left alone would have resulted in most, if not all, jurisdictions going to a non-response policy. However, once we proved that there were other options, the trend was stopped, and if anything is now completely reversed. No longer are we the last to hear; we are the first, and it is this ongoing impact that impresses me most.

This is why SIAC is so important and we need to be raising funds to ensure that this non-profit is around whenever alarm companies need support. SIAC has been there for our company.  They have been there for YOU.  We need to be there for them. I recommend you review your risks and recognize the value of SIAC. Pledge your support.