7 Questions to Help Sell the Connected Home

Jason Lutz by Jason Lutz | 09.25.2012

It was less than 15 years ago that most of us thought the next big ideas for protecting end users was to increase the pet immunity in PIRs and develop a way to store more video footage on a 24 hour time lapse VCR tape. Today, home and business owners are savvy about the technology they use and they expect that technology to do more. End users look to us to not only offer the protection associated with theft and loss, but also loss of another kind… time and energy. Should it surprise us that the strategies we use for selling these solutions would also need to change?

Are you showing your customers how new technology can help them save time and money?

Many of you have asked me for suggestions on how to address the connected home or business when discussing a proposal. Below are my favorite leading questions. If you remember back to my Discovering sales blog, one of the most important parts of the sales process is preparation; and the key to preparation is PRACTICE. Please take these suggestions and practice with your peers, your sales manager or your team.

7 Questions for Selling the Connected Home

1. Mr. Smith, do you feel like your energy costs are too high? Well, with just our basic energy system we can save you about $180 dollars a year, simply by adjusting the HVAC depending on if you’re home or away.

Most home and business owners do not take advantage of their programmable thermostats. By integrating the temperature controls into their security management system, they will never again have to remember to take their thermostat off of hold.

2. Mr. Smith, do you worry about the security of your employees when they walk into a dark parking lot? With our system, we can turn on the parking lot lights when the system is armed and then turn them off again at the end of your security system’s exit delay. Would that be an important feature for you?

3. Mr. Smith, you said life safety needs to be an important part of your system. In the event of a fire, we can help you achieve that by turning off the HVAC, so not to circulate smoke, and un-lock your deadbolts. Does that sound beneficial?

4. Mr. Smith, do you agree it would provide additional security if your lights came on or turned off while you were away on vacation? With our system, we can trigger any of your Z-wave lights or a scene of lights on a set schedule or even remotely from your smart phone.

5. Mr. Smith, would it be important for Mrs. Smith to never walk into a dark house again? With our system, she can turn on the front porch and foyer lamp with a small Honeywell remote or even her smart phone, all while seated in her car.

6. Mr. Smith, my kids have a habit of leaving the lights and TV on when they leave. Do you have the same issue? With our L5100 Energy Solution we can set the lights and appliances to turn off when the system is set or on a daily schedule.  We even have the ability to email or text you if the lights are left on too long, isn’t that cool?

7. Mr Smith, you mentioned how important temperature management is to your building tenants. We can help you with that in just about any way you can dream up. In addition to all the remote control of HVAC we spoke about, we can email you if the HVAC is changed, if your business exceeds a high or low threshold, and we can even keep the last 90 days of temperature changes on file for you. Does that sound like something that would save you money?

These are just a few ideas on how I’ve used technology in the sales approach to help my dealers win. In my next blog post, I will be tackling some common sales objections and giving you tools to overcome them.  If you’d like to share best practices, please add a comment with how you’ve changed your sales approach.