Raising Awareness for the Connected Home

Ron Rothman by Ron Rothman | 09.17.2012

Remote services offer consumers peace of mind when protecting their families.

I often share my own experience with Honeywell Total Connect and the impact it has on my daily life. Like the peace of mind it gives me when I get an alert and a video clip that shows someone in my family coming home safely.  Or like how great it is when I don’t have to leave the office to check on a home renovation project.  This is all a few clicks away, right on my smart phone. 

Our customers are almost always impressed.  They enjoy watching my video clips and can’t wait to present the technology. But when I share it socially with friends and other homeowners, people are wowed and ask if this is available now and where they can get it.  This reaction is always encouraging to me.  It means they can easily see themselves using this technology and crave the convenience they didn’t think was available to them. 

We’ve worked hard to make our systems better, easier to use and install and more affordable than ever. In fact, we have made great progress in delivering ease of use with LYNX Touch, Tuxedo Touch and Honeywell Total Connect. But the perception that Connected Home systems are complex and expensive remains an obstacle, so a lot of the opportunity lies in educating consumers and increasing awareness.

I am frequently asked about the new players in our industry and the impact they may have – especially the cable and telecom companies. In a recent Reuters article, I touched on this subject, but the story didn’t fully represent my true thoughts.  For me, the entry of cable and telecom companies into the marketplace confirms what we all know: that there is tremendous opportunity for growth – so large that many want a piece of this pie. But I also believe their big marketing budgets will mean more consumer awareness on the value of the Connected Home.

Does it mean more competition? Yes, but security dealers can offer valuable experience with life safety and security technology, a local advantage and outstanding customer service.

And with less than 20% adoption* in the U.S. alone, there is a wealth of opportunity out there. It is up to all of us to reap the benefits and provide the value and style consumers seek. And we are here to help you.

(* according to industry estimates)