A Testament to Tuxedo Touch

Eric Oh by Eric Oh | 09.20.2012

The Tuxedo Touch offers so many benefits for Land Tejas residents.

About two years ago, we were in the concept phase of the Tuxedo Touch. It was at that time that we were invited to the Discovery Center at Land Tejas, a master-planned community.  Located in Houston, TX,  the homeowners in this community are very concerned about energy management.

While at Land Tejas, we took a look at the home as a very smart home, with an energy efficient design and we thought about how the Tuxedo could fit into that design.  We built the Tuxedo with energy management as a core platform. This means it has the capability to connect to the whole house energy monitoring devices such as the smartmeter or to an E-Mon CT-clamp-based submeter. The advantage of a CT-clamp is that it can be installed easily by a professional electrician by clamping the sensors into the existing electrical main panel. Also, if the house has a solar panel, the E-Mon meter provides another sensor to clamp onto to read the power generated from the sun. 

Tuxedo connects to the E-Mon meter via the home ip network.  Now from the Tuxedo, the user can glance over to the screen and know instantly what the energy consumption is at any time. Tuxedo provides energy analytics data for the weekly usage and monthly usage so homeowners can understand what their lifestyle is demanding in energy consumption. They can then make adjustments to the thermostat setpoints and see how that impacts energy cost. This gives the homeowner true control. In addition to seeing the energy data on Tuxedo Touch’s screen, the built-in web server also gives full visibility on  smartphones and tablets at home or remotely. How cool is that!

Once Tuxedo Touch was ready, we went back to meet with the Land Tejas developers.  Take a look at the video below to see what these professionals thought about our product and how it helped them bring security and lifestyle benefits to their customers.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

Since this video was completed, we’ve added even more features to Tuxedo Touch, including Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi. What has been your customers’ reactions to Tuxedo Touch?