It’s Security on the Go!

Shannon Wilson by Shannon Wilson | 09.05.2012

In this technological age, people are just too busy. As security professionals, it’s our job to offer ways for our end users to check in on their businesses and be more productive while they’re on the go. Our new MAXPRO Mobile App gives them these capabilities. We’ve designed our MAXPRO family of products so they talk to each other – allowing users to take advantage of some of the great features available in the MAXPRO line.  Now we’re offering Security on the Go!

True Remote Control
Imagine your customer owns multiple retail stores. This means he can’t be everywhere at once or does it? If he has any one of these Honeywell products – MAXPRO VMS, MAXPRO NVR, Rapid Eye DVR or even MAXPRO Cloud, he can use the MAXPRO Mobile App on an iPad, iPhone or a Droid to check in. Say he wants to see the store traffic. He simply pulls up a single or multiple screens on his iPad for live video viewing.

Or maybe your customer has a burglary at the office. She can use her Droid or iPhone to take a snapshot for forensic purposes. And even playback the video for the police from her phone. We believe this new app will give your customers peace of mind since it allows them to see in an instant what’s going on from wherever they are.

To see highlights of what MAXPRO Mobile can do for your customers, view the short video below. It’s perfect to embed on your website since it shows the power of this innovative tool. And if you’re headed to ASIS, be sure to stop by Honeywell’s Booth #1101 and meet MAXPRO Mobile!


If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.