3 Sales Tips for Overcoming Objections

Jason Lutz by Jason Lutz | 10.15.2012

In my last blog post, I discussed my favorite leading questions for proposing a Connected Home or Connected Business solution. Even the most seasoned sales professional will be presented with some obstacles when discussing a proposal with a prospect.

When you're in front of a customer, try one of these replies to common sales objections.

As promised, here are some solutions that you can present that will address some of the more common objections.

 1.   “Our kids come home from school alone and the security system sounds like it could be hard for them to operate.”                

No problem Mr. Smith. With our Z-Wave door lock, your children simply enter a four-digit code at the front door and the security system will turn off automatically and email your wife a picture of the kids. Now, there are no more worries about losing house keys and your wife knows they have gotten home safely.

2.    “All this technology sounds cool and all, but access to the office is very important. I want my employees to feel safe and secure all day.”     

With a Z-Wave door handle, we can control all the access to building. And a key item to remember is that it’s all done through the LYNX Touch 5100 and Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. You’ll have full control to administer codes to the lock, monitor access, as well as override and unlock a door all from your computer or even most smart phones.

And last but not least and one of my favorites:

3.    “I can see a real need for the system, but to be honest I am not sure I will ever even use the system. You see I generally fall asleep on the couch while watching Duck Dynasty and usually forget to even lock the door.”

I completely understand; what we can do is at 9:30 pm we can set the system to Arm in the STAY mode, lock the front door, lower the HVAC just a little, and dim the lights to 20%. Would that make you more secure and also save you a little money? With Z-Wave, we can also have the system turn the TV off at 11:00 right after Duck Dynasty.

What are you doing to overcome objectives in your sales process? Please add a comment and share your ideas about presenting the Connected Home and Business solutions.

Happing Selling!