Fire Prevention Week Highlights Serious Threat

Mike Watkins by Mike Watkins | 10.08.2012

This Sunday marked the beginning of Fire Prevention Week. The 2012 theme, designated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is “Have 2 Ways Out!” It focuses on fire escape planning and practice, reinforcing the need to know two ways out of each room should tragedy strike. If like me, you have a child or know families with kids, this week is the perfect time to spread the word about this life-saving topic.

According to a study by the NFPA, children under the age of five are almost one and a half times as likely to die in a home fire as the average person. What can you do to help prevent this tragedy from happening? 

Monitored smoke detectors save lives.

First, install a monitored smoke detector. 
According to the NFPA, almost two-thirds of home fire deaths were due to non-functioning smoke detectors or no smoke alarm at all. Fifty percent of the time the reason the smoke failed is because it was either missing or had a disconnected battery and an additional 23% had a dead or discharged battery. 

With Honeywell’s 5808W3 the sensor is fully supervised. If it is removed from its base, if the battery is removed or too low, or if it becomes too dirty to function, a message will be sent to the central station so the situation can be corrected.  The 5808W3 monitors for both smoke and extreme heat equal to and greater than 135° Fahrenheit.  As an added bonus, it can also function as an environmental sensor, alerting you when the temperature drops below 41° Fahrenheit.

Second, educate your community
Educating your customers about the deadly impact of fire is the first step in helping to stop these incidents from occuring. Honeywell has a series of fire safety videos that you can use in your marketing efforts. Below is one that targets younger children with an award-winning fire safety song. Using simple lyrics to reinforce important safety messages, this song helps young children understand what they can do to prevent or survive a fire. On our YouTube channel and, we have other fire safety videos that you can embed on your web site to educate your customers.

There are a variety of educational resources that you can use to educate families about fire prevention when you are in the home. One organization that has a variety of materials is the National Fire Protection Association. Sections of their web site are dedicated to small children, providing activities that children can do while you are meeting with their parents about designing a life safety system.  

Of course, educating families about fire prevention shouldn’t happen for just one week. You need to market to all your existing customers the real threat of fire, offer a smoke detector on every single sales call, and be sure to install at least one on every floor of every home.  If you start today, you can have an impact on reducing the loss of precious lives.