5 Halloween Safety Tips to Share with Your Customers

Angela Remmert by Angela Remmert | 10.26.2012

Halloween is right around the corner and families nationwide are getting their costumes ready in preparation for one of the most festive nights of the year. Here’s five easy tips you can share with your customers so they can enjoy a fun and safe Halloween.

Share these tips to keep children safe this Halloween.

1. Keep the path clear. Make sure your lawn, steps, pathways and porches are clear of debris. Things like garden hoses or decorations can cause trick-or-treaters to trip – especially in the dark.

2. Use artificial candles or a flashlight to light up pumpkins. While they are a great way to illuminate a spooky Jack-O-Lantern, candles are also a fire hazard.

3. Put your home security system to work. Arm your security system before you head out the door. This ensures all windows and back entrances are protected.

4. Turn on the lights. When you are out trick-or-treating, keep your lights turned on. It’s a great way to deter unwanted company by giving the impression you are home.

5. Use mobile technology to check in! Just because you aren’t at home, does not mean you can’t see what is going on. With Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, you can tap into your home’s security system to access video cameras, check on pets, turn on lights and lock or unlock doors.

So whether an adorable ballerina or spooky Frankenstein shows up at your door, make sure  you keep them safe from harm. And it doesn”t hurt to throw in some extra chocolate to claim bragging rights as the best Halloween house on your block!