HD Video: Who Looks Good Now?

Christy Seely by Christy Seely | 10.22.2012

I never had cable growing up, but now I’ve become a snob about clarity (1080p rocks my house). We as consumers are used to high-resolution images – so if we can watch bad reality TV in high-definition, then security operators should rightfully expect the same clarity and level of detail in their surveillance footage.

Luckily, the technology has come a long way since the grainy videos of a 1990s bank robbery to today’s footage that captures the license plate number of a getaway car. Some sources have suggested HDTV is 6x clearer than normal TV. And while this spells bad news for TV personalities with bad complexions, it is good news for security operators. The resolution of images from video surveillance cameras is so much better. For example, security operators now have access to resolutions up to 1080p and wide dynamic capabilities for 720p cameras, allowing for best-in-class, low-light and bright-light images, very low bandwidth and identifiable recordings. 

One barrier to adopting IP-based and HD technology in the security space is people think it’s complicated to install and use. But actually, manufacturers like Honeywell have taken the advanced technology and made it easy to install and simple to use. So now you don’t have to get your 12-year old computer geek nephew to help set up the system just so it can be used easily and effectively. 

While analog CCTV systems are still in play, they have many limitations, including the cost of running extra cable and the lack of high resolution images, storage and scalability. But with IP, it’s becoming the norm and it’s everywhere. Set up and installation is a lot easier. Features and functionality are increasing, such as more storage options and more bandwidth. And best of all, prices continue to fall—making it more affordable for a wide variety of industry segments.    

And just for a little history on how far the industry has come, in 1942, the first analog CCTV cameras were installed. Over 50 years later in 1992, the first IP camera was introduced. Today, IP and HD technology is everything and everywhere, and there is a realm of options to choose from. So on your next IP security job; compare the specs and features of Honeywell’s IP camera portfolio by checking out our IP Brochure. Or, visit the Honeywell Open Technology Alliance to see how easy it is for other manufacturers to integrate to our technologies.

The next time you’re watching TV, whether its sports, the news or that must-see reality show, wouldn’t you rather see the football cross the plane so you know for sure it’s a touchdown? Or see the face of the perpetrator that robbed the local grocery store just in case you happen to bump into him/her?     

For most, it’s a clear choice.