A Time to Help

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 11.08.2012

It’s been a difficult two weeks here in the Northeast…a 100 year storm named Sandy brought destruction to one of the most highly populated areas in the country. As the temperature plummeted to below freezing, this area got pummeled again. This time, it was a Nor’easter that dumped record snow and frigid 60mph winds that added to our existing power outage issues and the delaying cleanup efforts. 

As a resident of Long Island, it was painful to see so many Long Islanders in such dire times because of these storms. Our first responders, especially our volunteer firefighters on the South Shore, many who themselves lost their homes and possessions, needed their damaged or lost equipment replaced so they could continue to help others. Something had to be done…and I am proud to say Honeywell took the lead in helping our first responders get back to serving the public and saving lives.

This past Tuesday, I joined a team from our Melville office here on Long Island and volunteered to unload $600,000 worth of donated Honeywell First Responder Products: helmets, hoods, boots and gloves at the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management in Bethpage, NY.  To see what was done, watch the video below.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

It’s critically important that our firefighters and other first responders have the necessary basic necessities to do their job.  It was a great feeling knowing that these efforts contributed to help make a difference. Please do whatever you can to help the people who have been impacted by these devastating storms.