Honeywell Provides Total Integration for WellPoint

David Karsch by David Karsch | 11.08.2012

I’m excited to share a cover story from featuring WellPoint’s—an  Indianapolis-based health insurance company—implementation of Honeywell’s Pro-Watch® security management system, LobbyWorks® visitor management system and MAXPRO® VMS (Video Management System). WellPoint, like many large companies, supported a variety of security and access control systems through a network of eight regional command centers. To improve the efficiency and increase the business value of its security network, WellPoint determined it needed to consolidate its eight regional centers and approximately 120 offices on a single security and access control platform.  

The cover story offers a good look at how WellPoint’s corporate security team designed and operates its Corporate Situational Awareness and Response Center (CSARC) using Honeywell security technology. Through the central command center or CSARC, WellPoint is able to support its regional facilities and remote offices.

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