Holiday Sweets from the Honeywell Team

Angela Remmert by Angela Remmert | 12.20.2012

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, delicious food is likely to be a big part of the festivities. Recently my childhood friend invited me to a Cookie Swap Party to celebrate the holidays. It has a great premise: You pick one recipe and bake a dozen cookies from scratch for each guest. When the party is over, you leave with a dozen cookies of each recipe. Sounds great? Yes, unless you invite me.

When I made my first batch of black and white cookies, I gave them to my family to sample. My husband politely replied, “Stick to what you know.” So, what I know are a bunch of Honeywell bakers who really know what they’re doing in the kitchen. From an award-winning Banana pudding to delicious walnut tassies, these recipes from some Honeywell employees could be a great addition to your holiday party. But, if you’re baking challenged like me, Entemann’s makes an amazing black and white cookie that actually looks homemade. Put it on a nice ceramic plate and you’re good to go! Your secret’s safe with me.

And now for some great holiday recipes.


Jason Lutz, District Sales Manager

Foster’s Banana Pudding

My wife loves to cook and desserts are one of her favorite things to make. This year, she entered the National Banana Pudding Festival in Centerville, TN… and won! This award-winning recipe combined the traditional Southern banana pudding with one of my favorite desserts, Bananas Foster. Since winning the festival with her Foster’s Banana Pudding, she has shared it with others by publishing it in our local paper, The Tennessean, and now with you. Enjoy a taste from the South this holiday season!

Click here for the recipe.


Robin Boyce, Video Production Coordinator

Aunt Andrea’s Tassies

I remember growing up and visiting my Aunt Andrea in Queens, NY and she would make these mini walnut pies or Tassies as her friend called them. Tassie means: cup, goblet or glass from the Old French tasse cup. It was a real treat for me and my two brothers when she made them. I couldn’t wait until dinner was over so we could eat them.

Here’s the recipe…



Maura Jennings-Castelli, Graphic Artist


Aunt Theresa’s Lemon Cookies
There was nothing like growing up with the “Jennings Christmas Eve in Valley Stream”.  They are some of the best memories I have. The smell of the tree, the FOOD, seeing ALL of my cousins, the FOOD, getting hit in the head with a toy fire truck by my cousin Joe, the FOOD…good times…good times.

However, there was one plate that I could not wait to be carried out of the kitchen―nothing beat Aunt Theresa’s Lemon Cookies. I still see most of my cousins every year (even Joe) and I have forgotten my fear of fire trucks, but the taste of Aunt Theresa’s Lemon Cookies is a bite of Christmas that I will forever remember.

For the recipe, please click here.